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The Association’s membership newsletter, Wetland News, has been published for nearly 30 years. The publication includes Association News, with analyses of important developing topics in wetland policy, management and science. Each issue features an original report or publication of interest to wetland and natural resource management professionals. Recent editions of Wetland News have featured issue papers by Jon Kusler, Esq. Ph.D., an SWS Lifetime Achievement Award-winning wetland policy & management expert; Peg Bostwick, ASWM’s Senior Policy Analyst with over 30 years of wetland science and policy expertise; and Jeanne Christie, ASWM’s Executive Director, nationally recognized as a leader in wetland policy and a recipient of a National Wetlands Award. In addition, other articles on wetland topics, such as state wetland program planning, wetland professional certification, wetland mapping and climate change adaptation, have appeared in Wetland News, often in advance of availability to the general public. Not all publications featured in Wetland News are posted on the ASWM website for the public eye; some are only available to members and work groups. This publication is an invaluable resource to members, who may not otherwise have access to wetland-specific findings or information that is not published elsewhere. Members receive 5-6 issues per year and access to archived editions. From time to time, the editor includes wetland poetry. Submissions are welcome.

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The July/August 2014 issue of Wetland News has been sent to members.

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