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Helping protect the world's wetland landscapes – November 19, 2013

Action to help preserve some of the world's most valuable ecosystems is behind a major international project, led by the University of Essex. The culmination of the five-year project has been the development of an integrated action planning toolkit on wetland conservation and management, which can be adapted to help provide bespoke solutions to protect valuable ecosystems around the globe. For full story, click here.

Global Hydrobelts: A New Method to Define the World’s River Basins

Meybeck et al. – Global Water Forum – November 11, 2013

The Global Water Forum (GWF) has proposed defining river basins into eight cross-continent ‘hydrobelts' in a discussion paper titled ‘Global Hydobelts: A new method to define the world's river basins.' According to the paper, this delineation will facilitate reporting of water resources and analysis of world river basins, particularly for global change and earth system science research. To read report, click here or to download full report, click here.

The Economic Benefits of Protected Lands: A Government-Lite Approach

By Ryan Cooper with Eli Lehrer – R Street – November 2013

During the 1966 fight over whether to construct dams within the Grand Canyon, the Sierra Club made their objections known through a full-page advertisement in the New York Times. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation had been arguing the new reservoirs would be a boon to visitors by allowing powerboats to get closer to the canyon walls. Sierra’s response: “Should We Also Flood the Sistine Chapel So Tourists Can Get Nearer the Ceiling?” For full report, click here.