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By Mark Schleifstein – Times-Picayune – April 8, 2015

A federal appeals court Tuesday (April 7) ordered a New Orleans federal judge to reconsider his ruling that the Environmental Protection Agency must decide whether more stringent rules are needed to curb the flow of fertilizer and other nutrient pollutants into the Mississippi River to stem the size of a low-oxygen "dead zone" that forms along Louisiana's coast each spring. For full story, click here.

By Barbara Liston – Planet Ark – April 16, 2015

Environmentalists seeking to curb the deaths of an estimated 53,000 sea turtles each year from getting caught in commercial shrimp nets off the southeastern United States sued federal regulators on Wednesday for stronger protections. Oceana, an ocean conservation group, is suing the National Marine Fisheries Service to force the agency to enact closer monitoring of and stricter limits on the number of turtles that can be caught and killed by the Gulf of Mexico and southeast Atlantic shrimping industry. For full story, click here.

By Timothy Cama– The Hill – April 6, 2015

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Monday sent to the White House its controversial regulation to redefine the extent of its authority over water pollution control. EPA head Gina McCarthy said the final version of the rule reflects some changes the agency made to the regulation that had been cast as a massive land grab by Republicans, agricultural interests and others. While the administration is mostly keeping quiet about the final version of the rule, McCarthy outlined some points Monday in a blog post with Jo-Ellen Darcy, who oversees the Army Corps of Engineers, which is developing the rule with the EPA. “In the final rule, people will see that we made changes based on those comments, consistent with the law and the science,” they wrote. “We’ve worked hard to reach a final version that works for everyone — while protecting clean water.”For full story, click here.

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