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Gulf Oyster Harvest Has Nose-Dived Since BP Spill

By Stacey Plaisance – ABC News – August 12, 2014

On this day, Slavich's cage-like net pulls up dozens of empty, lifeless oyster shells. "It's not good," he said, shaking his head as he pushed the shells back into the water. "We've never seen it like this, not out here." Gulf Coast oyster harvests have declined dramatically in the four years since a BP PLC oil well blew wild in the nation's worst offshore oil disaster. Even after a modest rebound last year, thousands of acres of oyster beds where oil from the well washed ashore are producing less than a third of their pre-spill harvest. For full story, click here.

Big wins elusive for EPA in Clean Water Act showdowns

By Jeremy P. Jacobs – E & E Publishing, LLC – August 27, 2014

For U.S. EPA at the Supreme Court, it's been the best of times -- and the worst. In Clean Air Act cases, EPA is on a roll. The high court last term upheld a major EPA program for air pollution that drifts across state lines. It also barely trimmed a permitting program for greenhouse gases, leaving intact most of EPA's first round of climate regulations. And even when EPA has technically lost, as in the landmark 2007 Massachusetts v. EPA climate case, the justices ruled for the more environmentally protective side -- in that case, that EPA is empowered to regulate greenhouse gases. But it's a different story when the Clean Water Act is in play. The agency hasn't won a case broadening its regulatory authority since 1985. For full story, click here.

Webinar: History of Wetland Drainage in the U.S.

ASWM – October 2, 2014

The Association of State Wetland Manager, Improving Wetland Restoration Success Project will hold a webinar on the History of Wetland Drainage in the U.S. presented by Tom Biebighauser, Wetland Restoration and Training on October 2, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. ET.  For more information, click here.