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UN biodiversity report highlights failure to meet conservation targets

By Adam Vaughan The Guardian October 5, 2014

International efforts to meet targets to stem the loss of wildlife and habitats are failing miserably, according to a UN report. The Global Biodiversity Outlook 4, published as nearly 200 countries meet on Monday in South Korea in a bid to tackle biodiversity loss, paints a damning picture of governments’ efforts to meet a set of targets agreed in 2010 to slow the destruction of species’ habitats, cut pollution and stop overfishing by the end of the decade. Conservationists said the lack of progress, nearly halfway to the 2020 deadline for the targets, was a troubling sign and a reality check. For full story, click here.

FEMA Will Require States to Examine Climate Risks in Disaster Planning

By Katherine Bagley – Inside Climate News – October 1, 2014

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is about to make a significant shift in the way it handles climate change. FEMA will soon require states to examine the impacts of global warming on their communities as a condition for receiving federal disaster preparedness funding, according to draft guidelines released by the agency earlier this month. For full story, click here.

20-Year Study Shows Levels of Pesticides Still a Concern for Aquatic Life In U.S. Rivers and Streams  

Pollution Online – September 11, 2014

Levels of pesticides continue to be a concern for aquatic life in many of the Nation’s rivers and streams in agricultural and urban areas, according to a new USGS study spanning two decades (1992-2011). Pesticide levels seldom exceeded human health benchmarks. Over half a billion pounds of pesticides are used annually in the U.S. to increase crop production and reduce insect-borne disease, but some of these pesticides are occurring at concentrations that pose a concern for aquatic life. For full story, click here.

EPA Tool for Water & Wastewater Utilities on Flood Resilience 

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – September 2014

With a user-friendly layout, embedded videos, and flood maps to guide you, EPA's Flood Resilience Guide is your one-stop resource to know your flooding threat and identify practical mitigation options to protect your critical assets. For more information, click here. To download guide, click here

Analysis of State Oil & Gas Regs Finds States Are on the Right Track

Ground Water Protection Council – 2014

The Ground Water Protection Council report is an update to their 2009 report and includes an overview of 2013 groundwater protection rules in 27 states that account for more than 98 percent of the country’s oil and gas production. In addition to the most up-to-date accounting of state regulatory activities, the report includes a series of items states might consider when evaluating and revising their rules and policies regarding hydraulic fracturing, chemical disclosure, storage and spill prevention. For more information and to download report, click here.