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Wetland Breaking News

  • Wetland Breaking News

    Wetland Breaking NewsWetland Breaking News is ASWM’s monthly newsletter. Wetland Breaking News is an edited compilation of wetland-related stories and announcements submitted by readers and gleaned from list-servs, press releases and news sources from throughout the United States. The newsletter features legislative, national and states' news relevant to wetland science and policy, wetland regulations and legal analysis of Supreme court cases; it also links to new publications and resources available to wetland professionals as well as events and training opportunities for those working in water resources and related fields. It is distributed to over 4,000 readers. Wetland Breaking News has been published for over ten years and ASWM has been a think-tank and source for wetland science and policy news and discussion for over 25 years.

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    ASWM BrochureCurrent Issue [December 17, 2014] 

    What Wetlandkeepers & Readers Say About ASWM and WBN

    Archived Issues [Since November 22, 1999]

    To have Wetland Breaking News delivered to your e-mail box, click here.  "WETLAND BREAKING NEWS" Compiled and Edited by: Alan Grant, ASWM; Executive Director: Jeanne Christie, ASWM.


    EDITORIAL POLICY: The editor reserves all rights to decide what should be included in this publication. Publication in Wetland Breaking News (WBN) does not indicate endorsement or accuracy of any article or book included, sold or mentioned. It is up to the reader to make that determination. All copyrighted material is rewritten or excerpted to pass the fair use law or permission has been given for ASWM to use. Since the editor can't guarantee the accuracy of the articles, ASWM is not liable for anything said in an article. Documented corrections of an item included in WBN will be considered for posting as a "Letter to the Editor." To find an article previously published in WBN just search the Archives on the website. If you have any suggestions, articles or announcements you wish to see posted in WBN please e-mail