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State Wetland Program Summaries

This page provides links to summaries of state wetland programs. The summaries encompass a comprehensive suite of programs including wetland regulation and mitigation, wetland water quality standards, monitoring and assessment, voluntary restoration, tax incentives, coordination and public/private partnerships. State programs vary substantially from state to state. These program summaries were provided to ASWM by individual states at the Association's request. Program descriptions for each state follow a standardized format to allow comparison of state programs across the country. Therefore, some states will lack programs under certain topics, but have extensive information in other program areas. The state wetland and related water resource programs described below often derive their authorities from more than one statute and/or regulation. As a result different programs may be administered by different agencies. While ASWM in partnership with the states has tried to provide a comprehensive description of each state's wetland programs, programs may change from year to year and parts of the state report may need to be updated. States that would like to revise or update the reports posted here can contact  to make changes and revise any state report.

ELI Study of State Wetland Programs