Floods & Natural HazardsASWM has been involved with the discussion on wetlands in the context of floodplains, flooding events and other natural hazards for over 20 years. In addition to the resources published here, please also visit the Association of State Floodplain Managers, a long-time partner and "sister" organization of ASWM's.


Information for the Media on the Importance of Natural Floodplains

Floodplains are unique, natural features of the landscape. The natural resources and functions of floodplains provide numerous economic and environmental benefits that are an immense value to the Nation. Learn more.


Recent ASWM Publications on Floods & Natural Hazards

Legal Issues in Upgrading Flood Maps to Reflect Climate Change, Other Changed Conditions

By Jon Kusler – Association of State Wetland Managers – April 2016
Governments will, over time, need to upgrade flood hazard maps to reflect climate change, urbanization, erosion and sedimentation and other watershed changes. Will governments face legal problems with such upgrading? How can governments avoid legal problems? This paper by Dr. Jon Kusler, Esq. provides an overview of the types, uses and limitations of existing floodplain maps, examples of court cases dealing with floodplain maps and recommendations for avoiding problems with upgrading floodplain maps to reflect climate change and other changed conditions. To download this report, click here.


Definition of Wetland, Floodplain, Riparian “Functions” and “Values”

By Jon Kusler – Association of State Wetland Managers – April 2016
State and federal wetland regulatory programs typically include an overall goal to prevent net loss of wetland “functions”, and “values”. However, there is only partial agreement among regulators and other wetland managers concerning the use of these terms. This paper explores the use of the terms “function” and “value” and makes suggestions for future use of these terms. To download this report,
click here.

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