Local Wetland Programs

Local Wetland Programs

ICLEI Releases “Climate Communication for Local Governments”

ICLEI – November 9, 2011

ICLEI released “Climate Communication for Local Governments,” a resource for local governments with detailed guidance on climate communication. The document is organized into five guidelines, with each section listing the takeaway points as well as additional resources. To learn more, click here.

Local river users support clean water protections

By Janice Kurbjun – Summit Daily News

As the public comment period comes to a close for the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed guidance on determining whether a waterway is protected by the Clean Water Act, kayakers, conservationists and sportsmen from across the state gathered earlier this week to demonstrate what groups considered “broad-based support” for EPA's efforts, hand-delivering to EPA officials 23,887 comment postcards, photo petitions, letters, and stacks of emails in support of EPA action to keep the state's waterways clean. For full story, click here. For other comments in favor of the guidance, see Senator Leahy’s response (VT), click here. Coalition letter submitted by National Wildlife Federation, Trout Unlimited, Izaak Walton League of America, TRCP, and The Wildlife Society, click here. Environment America, click here. Environment Colorado, Trout Unlimited, Sierra Club in CO, click here.

Wetlands-At-Risk Protection Tool

The Center for Watershed Protection recently launched the Wetlands-At-Risk Protection Tool (WARPT) which is a process for local governments that acknowledges the role of wetlands as an important part of their community infrastructure, and is used to develop a plan for protecting at-risk wetlands and their functions. To view resources and webcast which was held on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 to provide an overview of the WARPT, click here.


Land Use and Wetlands: Zoning Opportunities to Improve Wetland Protection
Wisconsin Wetlands Association (05/11)

For more information, click here. To read publication, click here.

Protecting and Restoring Wetlands: A Guide for Land Trusts
by Jon A. Kusler, Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. (01/15/09)

This paper has been written to help strengthen the role of land trusts in protecting and restoring wetlands. First, it provides examples of how land trusts are protecting and restoring wetlands. References are provided of land trust web sites for readers who wish more detailed information. Second, it suggests how federal, state, and local governments could encourage and help land trusts protect and restore wetlands.

To read this paper in PDF, click here.

Shifting the Focus of Wetlands Protection to State and Local Governments
by Paula Schauwecker, American Bar Association (2008)

To read paper in PDF, click here.  


Wetland and Watershed Management Planning FAQ

Jon Kusler, Ph.D., Esq., Jennifer Brady-Connor, Nan Stolzenburg – Association of State Wetland Managers – 2001

This summary was prepared for the Institute for Wetland Science and Public Policy by Jon Kusler, Jennifer Brady-Connor, and Nan Stolzenberg and was edited by Sharon Weaver. It is based upon several more detailed reports available from ASWM including Wetlands and Watershed Management, A Guide for Local Government and Wetlands and Watershed Management: A  Collection of Papers, Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc.,

Funding for this summary was provided by the McKnight Foundation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Park Service Rivers and Trails Program. The opinions expressed in the document are the authors' and do not necessarily reflect the view of the sponsoring organizations and groups.