Mississippi River Flood 2011

Mississippi Flood

Since the events of the Mississippi River floods of 2011, ASWM has kept a finger on the pulse of important media coverage, valuable information, reports --especially as related to wetlands and floodplains management, and interesting blog posts. This page is updated regularly. The information is sorted below into groups to aid in finding information about the flooding events and subsequent coverage.

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Floating Islands to the Rescue 635
Farmers, environmentalists await seventh analysis of 60-year-old Mississippi levee plan 378
Turning Floodplains from Unproductive Farmland into Restored Wetlands 509
A MS river diversion helped build LA wetlands, geologists find 612
Louisiana "dead zone" scientist wins $500,000 MacArthur "Genius Grant" 420
Spillways Can Divert Sand from River to Rebuild Wetlands 680
USDA to spend $32 million on wetland restoration 782
NRCS Announces Water Quality and Wetlands Projects for MS River Basin 701
MS: Miss. River charts new course 679
CTIC Conservation in Action Tour in Mississippi Delta 753
10 Fundamental Questions about the Mississippi River Delta 914
The effects of 2011 OH & MS river valley flooding on Cairo, IL, area 1161
With Levees Rated 'Unacceptable,' Officials Along the MS Fight Back 761
MS River Delta Rest. Campaign voices strong support for 2012 Coastal... 757
Calhoun Point Project Highlights Importance of Wetlands (USA) 648
Rebuilding Wetlands by Managing the Muddy Mississippi 822
Free Trade and a Functioning Mississippi River Delta 132
Photos from Mississippi River flood 2011 1200
Mississippi River Flood Blog Posts 1639
Federal Agency Links 1140
Mississippi River Commission: 2011 MR&T Flood Report 1297
Organizations Working on Mississippi River & Wetlands Issues 855
Resources for States and Individuals After Floods 968
The Mississippi, No Longer Muddy, Still a Threat 322
Researchers Predict Record Gulf Of Mexico "Dead Zone" Due To Mississippi River Flooding 451
Major flooding on Mississippi River leads to Dead Zone 359
River flood builds land, but will it help locally? 223
In Deep with Mississippi Flood Control 55
Flooding threat along Mississippi River is a test of man vs. nature 532
How the Floods May Restore Louisiana's Wetlands 568
Monitoring Mississippi Delta flood from space 524
How Mississippi River floods could save Louisiana's sinking coasts 618
Mississippi River flood: Sacrificing Louisiana countryside to save cities 590
Mississippi River Named One of America’s Most Endangered Rivers 558
Mississippi River Floods Can Be Restrained with Natural Defenses (Including wetlands) 513
Wetlands Initiative’s Project: Reducing Flood Damage Study 569
After the Flood Fact Sheet 882
ASFPM Fact Sheets on Levees 929