Future Natural Floodplain Functions Alliance (NFFA) Webinars/Conference Calls Schedule

The Natural Floodplain Functions Alliance (NFFA) is an affiliation of nonprofit and private organizations, government agencies and individuals dedicated to the protection and preservation of the natural functions of floodplains, including coastal areas. For a copy of the Natural Floodplain Functions Alliance mission statement, goals and objectives click here.

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The Natural Floodplain Functions Alliance (NFFA) is busy working on confirmation of webinar topics and presenters for 2016. Below you will find a draft list of future webinars to give you an idea of what we're working on. Topics and dates are subject to change.

NFFA will host bimonthly events that combine a conference call format with a webinar presentation (typically the 1st Tuesday of the month at 3pm ET).


September 1, 2016 - 3:00 p.m. ET  

Funding for Floodplain Restoration: Breaking Down Incentives to Develop Floodplains & Recent FEMA Policy Updates


Association of State Floodplain Managers


Zachary Christin, Project Director, Earth Economics


Last May, FEMA released a memorandum that outlined how the agency is broadening authorization of natural solutions for flood mitigation projects. Under the new policy, FEMA expanded eligibility of pre-mitigation project types for drought and wildfire disasters, which include groundwater recharge and reforestation. The agency is also allowing ecosystem service values to be applied to benefit-cost analysis of these pre-mitigation activities. The takeaway message: FEMA now funds restoration projects that mitigate the effects of disasters.

FEMA’s recent policy update marks their second major milestone as a leader in addressing a future under a changing climate. With programs in nearly $24 billion of debt, FEMA’s change was imminent, and further reform may be necessary. Other federal agencies must follow suit as we continue to experience the development of floodplains that exacerbate flood damages and inhibit ecological functions.

This presentation will begin with a discussion of U.S. regulatory policy related to floodplain management and the disincentives that allow development of floodplains to persist. The discussion will follow with a path moving forward: Highlighting success cases at the federal level and offering solutions to existing policy.


Zachary Christin leads research focused on social and health valuation, urban systems, cultural services, and advancing applications of benefit-cost analysis (BCA) in federal policy. Zac led research to incorporate environmental benefits for FEMA’s BCA tool, resulting in FEMA Policy FP-108-024-01. Zac also participated in HUD’s National Disaster Resilience Competition as a Subject Matter Expert on BCA.

October 2016

Webinar/conference call TBD

December 2016

Webinar/conference call TBD

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