Dredge & Fill Permitting Programs


Dredge & Fill Permitting ProgramsArmy Corps of Engineers, New England district

A Citizen's Guide to the Corps of Engineers by American Rivers

American Rivers published a citizens' guide to understanding the Army Corps of Engineers' permitting process under Clean Water Act. The full guide is here.

Clean Water Act Owner’s Manual

2nd Edition is available at River Network’s Online Marketplace

Understanding the Clean Water Act: An Online Course

River Network is proud to announce the resurrection of the online course, Understanding the Clean Water Act. Users can now explore the course at: www.cleanwateract.org. The course is a companion to the book, The Clean Water Act Owner's Manual. Course content will help users isolate specific water quality problems, identify possible solutions, develop and leverage existing programs and build effective outreach tools. The course is appropriate for staff, interns, volunteers and board members interested in learning more about the force of the Clean Water Act and related tools. Even Clean Water Act old-timers will likely find something to ponder in the local stories, digging deeper and resources sections.  If you train staff or volunteers on the Act, you’ll also find some special training tools to help you get your points across. For questions or to share your thoughts on this course, contact Merritt Frey at mfrey@rivernetwork.org.

Understanding Federal, State and Local Dredge & Fill Permitting Programs

by Leah Stetson, MPhil HE, Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. (04/07)

In response to receiving numerous requests for information about dredge and fill permits, ASWM investigated several ways that federal, state and local permitting programs have used to deal with violators, as well as to educate the public. These included wetland education and regulatory workshops, technology and GIS mapping. To read full article in PDF, click here.

Common Questions: Wetland Guidance for Engineers

by Jon Kusler, Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. (6/26/06)

This guide is designed for engineers (civil, sanitary, other) wishing to undertake activities which may impact wetlands or who wish to utilize wetlands in meeting various project goals (e.g., pollution control). It addresses frequently asked engineering-related questions concerning wetland protection, restoration, and construction. A selected bibliography and list of websites provide the reader with
more information concerning specific subjects.

To view in PDF, click here.