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ASWM keeps its finger on the pulse of new developments in wetland science. Hot topics in wetland science today include wetland assessment methods, wetland mapping, wildlife stream crossings, vernal pools, sudden wetland dieback, hypoxia, invasive species, the 2010 Gulf oil spill and wetland restoration, climate change and its impacts on wetlands, such as sea level rise and carbon sequestration as a possible solution for reducing greenhouse gases.


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Webinar: Using Habitat Priority Planner & Spatial Analysis 666
Regional Conservation Strategy – for Greater Vancouver – Portland Region 440
Creating a Toad Friendly Wetland – Or Any Wetland at all is a Challenge 589
30 Years of Wetlands: Commemorative issue of SWS’s Journal 897
National Wetland Plant List Available; Effective June 1, 2012 1875
Wetlands aid in stormwater runoff, provide plant and animal habitat 653
Wetlands for Whitetails 677
Restore Farmlands to Wetlands, Says Researcher (CAN) 939
Wetlands researchers publish findings on new cane invading the delta 1304
Salt marshes along eastern US shrinking, this may be good 1514
COE Regional Supplements to Wetland Delineation Manual 2087
Links of Interest 1313
Resources/Research 1407
Publications/Reports 1473
Wildlife-Friendly Stream and Undercrossing Research 1710
2010 State of the Bay Report Released 1012
Isolated Wetlands Bibliography2 87
Report Documents the Risks of Giant Invasive Snakes in the U.S. 876
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Increase in Most U.S. Streams and Groundwater 915
Hypoxia in U. S. Coastal Waters Report 908
Effects of Water Use and Land Use on Streamflow and Aquatic Habitat in the Sudbury and Assabet River Basins, Massachusetts 849
Report on Buffers 883
Planting Wetlands and Dams: A Practical Guide to Wetland Design, Construction and Propagation, Second Edition (2010) 941
The National List of Wetland Plants 910
United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) Publication 846
Wetlands, Hurricanes and the Economy: The Value of Restoring the Mississippi River Delta 802
Prairie Fen Wetlands Guide 1123
Field Guide to Dragonflies and Damselflies of New Jersey 1690
Valuing Ecosystem Services From Wetlands Restoration in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley 776
Stormwater Research Report Available 793
Mangrove Field of Dreams: If We Build it, Will they Come? 801
Special Issue Fish & Wildlife News – Migratory Birds 761
Tidal Effects on Net Ecosystem Exchange of Carbon in an Estuarine Wetland 943
Wisconsin Land Use & Wetlands Guide 794
Gulf Restoration Network Releases "Clean Up Your Act!" Report 793
Conservation Tactics to Help Fish and Wildlife Thrive Featured in New Bibliography 741
West Coast Regional Marine Research and Information Needs, Report 855
Geomorphologic Evolution of Barrier Islands along the Northern U.S. Gulf of Mexico and Implications for Engineering Design in Barrier Restoration 777
Field Guide to Tidal Wetland Plants of the Northeastern United States and Neighboring Canada 846
The Effect of River Pulsing on Sedimentation and Nutrients in Created Riparian Wetlands 1041
Developing Performance Standards for the Mitigation and Restoration of Northern Forested Wetlands 1108
Common Questions: Wetland Restoration, Creation, and Enhancement 951
Common Questions: Wetland Classification 1067
Common Questions: Wetland Protection and the Protection of Migratory Birds 850
Wetland Compensatory Mitigation Performance 1884