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Want to read more about wetlands? Get your feet wet on ASWM's Wetland Bookshelf, which houses a collection of titles of wetland-related books. These books are considered “recommended reading” by our members, staff and colleagues. The Wetland Bookshelf includes titles available through many Wetland Bookshelfbookstores as well as those available through other websites. Please consider going through GoodShop.com in order to make purchases that will benefit ASWM in a small way. GoodShop allows online shoppers to buy items on a number of websites. Be sure to put "Association of State Wetland Managers" where it asks for the name of the charity/organization. Then search for a book title under Product Search, or choose a store. To recommend a book title for this list, please contact us. To search for a specific book, or to browse the Wetland Bookshelf, click on a topic or genre below.

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1 General Wetland Books 2457
2 Wetland Field Guides 331
3 Wetlands & Climate Change 732
4 Wetland Science/Ecology Books 5723
5 Wetlands and Watershed Management Books 2626
6 Wetland Legal Books 2141
7 Wetland Regional Interest Books 2180
8 Wetland Fiction 1922
9 Wetland Nonfiction 1872
10 Wetland Books For Kids 2599
11 Wetland Poetry 2058
12 Wetland Documentaries: DVD 1541