WETLAND REGULATORY CAPACITY BUILDING PROJECT WEBINAR SERIESASWM is currently conducting a project Building State and Tribal Wetland Regulatory Capacity. This webinar series will provide useful findings, state and tribal lessons learned and useful tools and techniques that can be used to help wetland programs increase effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and predictability in regulatory activities.

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Improving Enforcement in Wetland Regulatory Programs

Tuesday, September 29, 2020
3:00pm-4:30 pm Eastern

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  • Sara Slater, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  • Stacia Bax, Missouri Department of Natural Resources
  • Yvonne Vallette, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10 


This webinar will discuss the need for enforcement mechanisms in wetland regulatory programs. After painting the broader background of need, the webinar will share some of the most common compliance and enforcement tools and their pros, cons and contexts for successful application. The webinar will go on to discuss the relationship between states and tribes with the Corps in terms of coordination of enforcement activities. This portion of the webinar explore the different scenarios across the country from the Corps conducting all enforcement in a state to working to actively coordinate state enforcement with multiple districts. The webinar will conclude with details about how to build enforcement capacity at the state/tribal level through Wetland Program Plans, specifically how these planning activities can develop systems or be designed to include enforcement in the future.


ara Slater, Oregon Department of Environmental QualitySara Slater is the 401 Water Quality Coordinator for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Prior to her work at Oregon DEQ, Sara served as Project Manager for Environmental Services Drainage utility in the City of Killeen, Texas. Her other experience includes serving as a program manager for Indiana State Department of Agriculture and Wetlands Project Manager at the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Sara earned her MS in Geology from Purdue University in Indiana.

Stacia Bax, Missouri Department of Natural Resources Stacia Bax is the Environmental Supervisor of the Stormwater and Certification Unit within the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Stacia has nearly 20 years of experience with the department in various areas related to the water program and state parks, with the past 10+ years working with Section 401. For the past 7.5 years, Stacia has coordinated quarterly department-wide wetland meetings, which has helped in the development of the Wetland Program Plan document. 

Yvonne Vallette, EPA Region 10 Yvonne Vallette is an Aquatic Ecologist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For the last twenty-three years she has worked at EPA Region 10’s Oregon Operations Office in Portland serving as the Region’s coordinator for enhancing State and Tribal Programs. Her work with EPA is focused on the technical and policy aspects of the Clean Water Act (CWA), including Section 404. Her practicable experience includes work in: aquatic resource monitoring and assessment, 404 enforcement, compensatory mitigation, impact analysis, CWA jurisdiction, 404 program assumption, and aquatic resources restoration.  


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