WETLAND REGULATORY CAPACITY BUILDING PROJECT WEBINAR SERIESASWM is currently conducting a project Building State and Tribal Wetland Regulatory Capacity. This webinar series will provide useful findings, state and tribal lessons learned and useful tools and techniques that can be used to help wetland programs increase effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and predictability in regulatory activities.


Building Capacity to Protect and Manage Wetlands through the Development of State Wetland Associations

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 - 3:00pm-4:30pm


  • Erin O'Brien, Wisconsin Wetlands Association
  • Rick Savage, Carolina Wetlands Association
  • Kim Matthews, Carolina Wetlands Association


This webinar will share how states and tribes can partner with or encourage the development of state wetland associations to enhance the capacity of states and tribes to protect their wetlands. State associations can be valuable partners with states and tribes on a range of activities, ranging from restoration activities and monitoring and assessment to stimulating financial investments and assisting with education and outreach. This webinar will share the experiences of the Wisconsin Wetland Association and the Carolinas Wetland Association, while also sharing some of the interesting connections states have with other associations. The webinar will include basic information about what state wetland associations are, what roles they play, lessons learned by two example associations and some lessons learned to help those interested in forming a new state wetland association. The webinar will include presentations by both associations, followed by a panel session and Q&A with webinar participants.

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