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The Association of Wetland Managers (ASWM) occasionally opens up its Members Webinars to non-members on special topics that are not specific to any of our other webinar series and that appeal to a broader audience than our membership. For this reason, the Association started a Special Topics Webinar Series that is available for anyone to participate in. Some of the topics in the past have included the Ramsar Convention and international projects, complex legal cases, environmental economics and more. These webinars are advertised through our website, newsletters, social media and emails. There is no specific day of the month when these webinars occur. For more information and/or to join our email list for notices about upcoming events, please contact Laura Burchill at . 

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Wetland Link International Americas Webinar:
Evaluation of environmental awareness-raising activities at wetland sites

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 – 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. EDT


We spend a lot of time in our professional and voluntary capacities working with local communities, wetland practitioners and private sector partners to increase awareness through environmental education and other activities. But do we know how effective these activities are in leading to positive environmental changes in both individual behavior and conservation action at the site? Just as importantly, can we demonstrate this to participants, funders and project partners so they can see how our activities are influencing behavior and resulting in improvements in wetland protection or other environmental outcomes. Evaluation often is forgotten at the end of a project, but it is an essential part of improving our future work, for better outcomes for our own organizations and networks.

This webinar will use practical, easy to use examples of how to evaluate, based on tried and tested techniques from partners across the Americas. The webinar will be available in both English and Spanish, and will include time for discussion after the presentations.


Introductory Remarks

Presenter: Chris Rostron, Wetland Link International, UK. Chris manages the WLI global project, a support network for those delivering education, engagement and awareness-raising activities at wetland education centers.

Ethel Wilkerson, Manomet. (USA)
Building practical evaluation techniques into your project.
Ethel works with program managers to establish developmental evaluation across the varied programs of Manomet including wetland conservation, climate smart forest management, and grocery stewardship. With metrics that measure incremental progress towards outcomes, development evaluation allows for real-time feedback and program adjustment during implementation.

Susan Bonfield, Environment for the Americas. (USA)
Evaluating the needs or minority ethnic communities to encourage access to protected natural areas.
In the US, minority ethnic groups are often under-represented in the visitors to protected natural areas. Susan has worked on looking at interviews with these groups to establish perceptions towards wild areas and what the barriers to visitation might be.

Sebastián Saiter / Ricardo Matus, Patagonian Ecological Association. (Punta Arenas, CHILE)
"Tres Puentes wetland, valuation of a natural classroom for conservation".
The Association is composed of people from different professions, students and children, who share the purpose of preserving and understanding species that inhabit the urban natural reserves of Patagonia. This interdisciplinary and trans-generations team has been evaluated on their working lines looking the community involvement to wetland conservation. Born in 2007, it has focused its work with neighbours and local schools. It is part of the Patagonia Natural Reserves Network.

Interactive Discussion
The last segment of the webinar will host an interactive discussion where you are invited to share your experiences in evaluation of projects.

Based on Demand - Option for Real Time Spanish-English Translation
Based on the amount of demand, we have the option to hold the webinar with consecutive translation between Spanish and English. This translation service must be arranged well in advance of the presentation date, so if you are interested in participating while listening to Spanish translation, please contact .


Sebastián Saiter is a Punta Arenas-born naturalist and birder. Since childhood he showed a passion for discovering Nature and exploring the landscapes of Chilean Patagonia. He studied Adventure Tourism, and is an active member of NGO Agrupacion Ecologica Patagonica, involved in projects to protect wetlands, urban parks and reserves: he works on environmental education projects with children, in both private and public schools in the area.

Ricardo Matus is a naturalist who participates in research and conservation projects in the extreme south of Patagonia. During last ten years he has been working in the reproductive biology and conservation actions of the Ruddy-headed goose and also developing a study in the Magellanic plover in his breeding area.

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