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Hot Topics WebinarsThe Association of Wetland Managers (ASWM) occasionally opens up its Members Webinars to non-members on special topics that are not specific to any of our other webinar series and that appeal to a broader audience than our membership. For this reason, the Association started a Special Topics Webinar Series that is available for anyone to participate in. Some of the topics in the past have included the Ramsar Convention and international projects, complex legal cases, environmental economics and more. These webinars are advertised through our website, newsletters, social media and emails. There is no specific day of the month when these webinars occur. For more information and/or to join our email list for notices about upcoming events, please contact Laura Burchill at .

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Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on State Wetland Programs and Early Adaptations

Hot Topics WebinarWednesday, June 10, 2020 - 3:00 pm-4:30 pm

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• Brenda Zollitsch, Association of State Wetland Managers
• Patrick Ryan, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
• Stacia Bax, Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Audra Martin, NEIWPCC
• Barbara Poage, Oregon Department of State Lands


Our world changed overnight with the COVID-19 pandemic. While we all focus on protecting public health, weathering the economic freefall and increasing the country’s medical capacity, every other aspect of business as usual has also been disrupted. Among these disruptions are systems and processes relied on by state and tribal agencies (and their wetland programs). To better understand the current landscape for these programs, the changes that are being made to accommodate health and safety concerns as well as comply with lock-downs and no contact orders, ASWM has been speaking with wetland program staff from around the country. This webinar will start with ASWM sharing findings from these discussions. Next, state presenters will share about their experiences adapting in their states, including sharing about official state executive and administrative orders, changes in site inspection and travel protocols, as well as changes to monitoring and assessment activities. The webinar will end with an invitation for state and tribal wetland program staff to participate in information gathering through a new ASWM National Dialogue focused on COVID-19-related issues.


Stacia Bax, Missouri Department of Natural ResourcesStacia Bax is the Environmental Manager of the Financial Assistance Center’s Clean Water Section within the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Stacia has nearly 20 years of experience with the department in various areas related to the water program and state parks, with the 11 years working with Section 401. She recently started a new chapter in her career helping communities finance their wastewater and associated projects as part of Missouri’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund, with hopes to promote wetland and stream restoration where she can.

Audra MartinAudra Martin works in the Water Quality Division at NEIWPCC. She coordinates two wetland workgroups, which bring together representatives across the northeast to discuss topics of shared concern, including permitting and regulatory issues and wetlands monitoring and assessment. Audra also serves as a project manager for NEIWPCC’s work to improve the habitat and water quality in Long Island Sound. She holds a Master of Environmental Management degree from Texas Christian University.

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