Clean Water Act Section 404 Assumption Webinar 

Assumption 101: Introduction to Assuming the CWA Section 404 Program

Held Tuesday, February 18, 2020 - 3:00-5:00 pm EST





This webinar is the first in ASWM’s Assumption Webinar Series. The webinar began with an introduction the concept of assumption, share EPA’s current efforts to encourage assumption and review the basic steps in the assumption process and requirements. Next two states that have already assumed the program will share their experiences as assumed states and what the benefits and challenges have been. Next, the webinar covered alternatives to assumption. Finally, ASWM introduced its new assumption project and the planned dialogues, webinars and products that will be available to wetland managers as a result of the project.


Kathy Hurld, EPAKathy Hurld is an Environmental Protection Specialist with the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC. Her nearly 30 years’ experience working on ocean, coastal, wetland, agroforestry and other environmental issues, has taken her throughout the U.S. and internationally as she worked on both the local and international level. Currently, Kathy is the is the EPA’s staff lead on Clean Water Act Section 404(g) and works to assist states and tribes pursuing assumption of the program. She is co-leading the revision of the assumption regulations with Ms. Ruth Chemereys. Kathy has a BS in biology from Hope College and a Master’s in Public Administration from American University.

Heather MasonHeather Mason is an Environmental Administrator at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, leading the Submerged Lands and Environmental Resources Coordination program’s training and rulemaking team. Her team is currently working on Florida’s 404 assumption effort.

Anne GarwoodAnne Garwood is the Supervisor of the Wetlands, Lakes and Streams Unit for the Water Resources Division in the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy. Michigan is an assumed state. Anne works on program development, guidance and training development, and supports administration of Michigan’s Section 404 Program. The Wetlands, Lakes and Streams Unit also works on wetland mitigation banking, wetland identification, wetland monitoring, stream restoration and mitigation, and inland lakes projects. Anne previously worked in the EGLE regulatory wetlands program, and also served as the EGLE coastal wetland ecologist, prior to accepting her current position in 2019.

Susan LockwoodSusan Lockwood has worked for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for 36 years. She worked in NJ’s Freshwater Wetland program when it first began in 1987, worked on wetland regulations for 17 years beginning with the first amendments in 1989, and prepared and guided to success the State of New Jersey’s assumption application in the early 1990s. Since that time, she has become a resource for States considering assumption, attending stakeholder meetings, participating in phone conferences, and answering numerous questions about New Jersey’s assumed program. In 2016-2017, she represented New Jersey on the EPA’s Federal Advisory Committee on assumption. She is currently the Supervisor of the Mitigation Unit in the Division of Land Use Regulation.



Part 1: Introduction: Brenda Zollitsch, Association of
State Wetland Managers
Presenter: Kathy Hurld, US Environmental Protection

  Part 2: Presenters: Heather Mason, Florida Department
of Environmental Protection and Anne Garwood,
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Part 3: Presenters: Susan Lockwood, New Jersey
Department of Environmental Protection and Brenda
Zollitsch, Association of State Wetland Managers


Future Assumption Webinars