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Listed below are links to news articles that may be of interest to the wetland community. They also appear in the monthly issue of Wetland News Digest. Readers are encouraged to send links to recent articles, publications, and other resources pertaining to wetlands in their local area to William Dooley, Policy Analyst at and reference “In the News” in the subject box.

Flooding Likely to Hit Affordable Housing Hardest

Putting Private Finance to Work for Conservation

Lawmakers call on Biden to put $10 billion toward coastal restoration

Washington’s Famed Tidal Basin and Cherry Trees Face Rising Waters

Environmental restoration at home: Sanibel volunteers grow mangroves

This Tiny Fish Can Withstand Almost Anything


Recent Comment Letters

ASWM Provides Feedback on Priorities for the Biden-Harris Administration

ASWM’s Executive Director met with members of the EPA Agency Review Team section of the Biden-Harris Presidential Transition Team on November 19th, 2020 to discuss priorities for Clean Water Act jurisdiction. Following the meeting, the Board of Directors met and crafted a letter outlining recommended priorities for the new Administration on day 1 and the first 100 days, and submitted the final letter to the EPA Agency Review Team on November 30th. ASWM’s letter can be found here.