Volunteer with ASWM


Volunteers are needed each year to help ASWM with conferences/workshops. Volunteers can assist with conference planning by joining the conference advisory committee and taking on specific tasks; these include organizing concurrent sessions, supervising displays, organizing field trips, and many other tasks. During the conference volunteers are needed to moderate sessions, moderate lunch discussions, load power-point presentations, staff the registration desk and many other activities.

To inquire about volunteering for one of our conferences/workshops contact Laura Burchill.

Scientific/Grey Literature Bibliographies

Wetland managers often do not have the ability to stay up to date on all the peer-reviewed and grey literature available to improve the success of their activities. Examples of bibliographies currently on the ASWM website include the following list.

Wetland Compensatory Mitigation Performance Literature Citations and Links. Does wetland compensatory mitigation work? We have put together this list of literature so that you may draw your own conclusions. Please let us know of any other studies related to this topic so that we may make this list as comprehensive as possible. (2/23/01)

There is a variety of topics individuals could volunteer to develop: wetland restoration, biodiversity and wetlands, importance of headwaters, etc.

If you would like to volunteer to develop a bibliography to add to the ASWM website, please contact Marla Stelk.

Liaisons with Other Organizations

ASWM works in partnership with many organizations. Wetland issues are complex. ASWM values the input of other organizations to help us to identify and support science-based, balanced strategies for conserving, protecting and managing wetlands and related water resources. Currently ASWM has individuals who serve as liaisons between ASWM and organizations such as the Association of State Floodplain Managers and the Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Agencies. Liaisons share the priorities, concerns, and related activities between the two organizations and help them identify common issues.

To inquire about volunteering as a liaison, please contact Marla Stelk.

Wetland Line Art and Photography

ASWM is always interested in line art and photographs for web pages and printed material. Line art of wetland plants, animals, landscapes, etc. and photographs of wetlands, wetland plants and animals, people in wetlands as well as pictures of other aquatic resources are needed. Photographs of activities in wetlands that show restoration, destruction, modification, etc. can also help our readers better understand wetland issues.

To inquire about providing line art and photography contact Sharon Weaver.


ASWM is a 501(c)(3) organization and like other organizations ASWM is always working to gain funding support sufficient to carry out the organization's mission.

To inquire about volunteering for fundraising activities please contact Marla Stelk.