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Your private donations directly support ASWM’s ability to respond to time-sensitive issues as they arise and allow us to provide information, expert analysis, and recommendations regarding the impacts of potential policy and law on wetland protection programs and efforts. ASWM needs adequate, unrestricted funding to be able to respond to unexpected, rapidly emerging issues critical to wetland protection.

Established as a nonprofit organization in 1983, ASWM has played a leadership role among wetland professionals on state, federal, and regional levels for over 30 years.  ASWM fosters a wetland ethic and works collaboratively with a number of partners to achieve real goals in wetland science, natural resource protections and management, and public policy. As a part of broader watersheds, wetlands play the role of connecting our streams, rivers and lakes to farmlands, forests and the ocean. Many organizations look to ASWM as a leader at the intersection between the think-tanks and the decision-makers, the on-the-ground regulators and wetland consultants. To achieve success in this ambitious undertaking, the Association depends on donors and benefactors to provide exceptionally generous gifts. We need extraordinary support to build ASWM’s capacity to protect the nation’s wetlands.

Your charitable donation allows ASWM to champion wetland programs, conduct time sensitive applied research projects, facilitate dialogue among key stakeholders and produce powerful communication tools. It also supports ongoing services that we provide such as Wetland News Digest,” technical assistance, national and regional forums, a robust website and weekly blogs.

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Donate to ASWM

ASWM (aka Captain Alice & The Cattail Heroes) participated in the 2019 #GIVINGTUESDAY celebration.
This also kicked off our year-end fundraising campaign #WetlandSuperHero

The ASWM staff held a friendly competition between
Team Join and Team Donate.
Team Join begins a new membership or renews a current membership with ASWM.
Team Donate supports unexpected, rapidly emerging issues critical to wetland protection.

In a world of media superheroes, we continue to recognize and support everyday wetland heroes.
We welcome YOU to choose a team.

Become a #WetlandSuperHero by choosing the Donate button.

Milo's Wetland Adventure (2018)

Our neighbor, Milo, has been closely watching the wetland friends and creatures at ASWM. He decides to investigate and discovers a bounty of Wetland Ambassadors. Join us on this latest wetland adventure!

Another Very Weird Wetland Adventure (2017)

Strange events continue to take place near the offices of the Association of State Wetland Managers. Bog Boy, Nature Girl, and Bart are on a quest to find our missing friend! It's another very weird wetland adventure in the works. We're continuing our support of wetland creatures, large and small, with our end of year video journey.

A Very Weird Wetland Adventure (2016)

Strange events are taking place near the offices of the Association of State Wetland Managers. A mysterious wetland creature approaches ASWM, asking for help in supporting wetland creatures, large and small.


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If you represent a professional firm or corporation interested in supporting the Association of State Wetland Managers, please contact Marla Stelk at the number above.