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Clemson University

Clemson University presents Managing Your Land: Natural Resources Opportunities for Landowners: A Master Tree Farmer/Master Wildlifer Series. This webinar course will provide landowners with an awareness of options for managing their lands for a variety of natural resources. This course is intended to be a pre-cursor to the Master Wildlifer, Master Tree Farmer, Master Naturalist, and the Natural Resources Enterprises program workshops planned in the future. Webinar schedule is Thursdays, 7 to 8:30 p.m. ET, October 11-November 8, 2012. For more information, click here.

by Leah Stetson, Association of State Wetland Managers, June 2007

A consultant can help the landowner meet the requirements of Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (CWA), and/or similar state, local or tribal programs. If stumped on how to figure out who would be the best candidates with whom you might work on a wetlands permit application, use this guide to develop a list of questions to ask your local regulatory agency or town office before hiring a consultant. Questions include: "Does this consultant turn in complete permit applications the first time?" and "Is this consultant experienced with this particular agency?"

The full document is available in PDF and may be viewed and/or downloaded by clicking HERE.

This article contains helpful links for landowners looking for more information or wetlands professionals in their area.

This page contains a bevy of links to various guides and documents intended to help landowners and property developers navigate the regulatory landscape that protects wetlands from a variety of damaging activities.  Landowners and developers are encouraged to consult these documents prior to planning a development in order to minimize the disruption and costs - both in terms of money and time - that violations of these regulations can result in.  Click on 'read more' for the full list.

Protecting and Restoring Wetlands: A Guide for Land Trusts

by Jon Kusler, Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. (01/15/09)
This guide has been written to help land trusts protect and restore wetlands and related aquatic and riparian ecosystems. References are provided to land trust websites for readers who wish more detailed information. This guide: 

  • Provides examples of how land trusts are now protecting and restoring wetlands.
  • Discusses wetland inventory and mapping in greater depth.  
  • Discusses wetland assessment. 
  • Considers wetland restoration.  
  • Addresses construction of trails and boardwalks.  
  • Discusses wetland festivals.  
  • Concludes with suggestions how federal, state, and local governments could encourage and help land trusts protect and restore wetlands. 

To read the guide in PDF, click here.

Common Questions: Land Trusts and the Protection/Restoration of Wetlands
by Jon Kusler, Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. (6/26/06) 

This guide is designed for local land trusts, birder conservationists, landowners, members of the public, local governments, federal and state agency staff, and others interested in forming or operating a land trust to protect and restore wetlands and related ecosystems. A selected bibliography and list of websites will provide the reader with more information.

To read the guide in PDF, click here