desgin workshopsFor those interested in designing a wetlands regulatory workshop that teaches citizens about the Clean Water Act and how to avoid violations, read this overview of Project POWER. (Project POWER: Protecting our Wetlands with Educators and Regulators) Additional resources are provided as well. Click on 'read more' to view the article.

By Brenda Zollitsch, Policy Analyst, ASWM

Over the winter holiday, I got to spend a number of precious days with my elementary school-aged children.  We went snowshoeing through the woods and even explored some icy wetlands.  I always like to support their learning, so when one of my children’s teacher asked me for resources on wetlands to share with their class, I said “no problem” and jumped on the web, expecting to find a plethora of materials to choose from childrenwetlandsthat fit the bill.  What I found, instead, was a lot of what I would call “lost websites” — websites that may have once been engaging, functional and up-to-date, but that had since fallen into disrepair with broken links, out of date information or not very interesting or interactive materials.  If I, as a wetland professional, could not easily find what I was looking for, I thought, perhaps others may have an even harder time. Read full blog post here.

Wetland Link International – 2014

Whether you are thinking of creating a new wetland centre, converting your activities to include a wetland focus, or you already run a fully-fledged centre, this handbook contains everything you need to know about creating, running and evaluating wetland centres and their activities.  WLI worked with the Ramsar Convention and the ERF (Environmental Ecosystem Research Foundation, South Korea) who brought together wetland centre managers from across the world (many of whom are WLI members) at a week-long workshop hosted at Seoson Birdland, South Korea, in November 2013.  The handbook is aimed at a range of audiences including government agencies, architects, NGOs and other conservation organizations, and will be available in several different languages. For more information and to download Handbook, click here.

By Ronnie Blair –  The Tampa Tribune – April 7, 2013

At Cross Bar Ranch, seventh-grade students participate in a program called Watersheds Ambassadors, in which they learn about uplands and wetlands and their importance to Florida’s ecosystem. Before coming to the center, the students prepare with lessons in math, science, language arts and social studies that are connected to what they will learn when they arrive at the site. For full story, click here.

March 25, 2013 – Video

A short film about wetland restoration in San Diego, California. To view video, click here.