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Improving Wetland Permitting

Summaries of State Wetland Programs


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Mississippi River Delta

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Wetlands Restoration Links by State and Local Governments

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SWANCC Decision

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EPA/Corps Draft Guidance to Identify Waters Protected by Clean Water Act

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Mississippi River Flood 2011

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Wetland Definitions

Regional Supplements to Corps Delineation Manual

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Summary for Policy Makers of the new Special Report on Extremes
Red Cross Climate Change Weather Extreme Report, November 2011

The Compleat Wetlander: Will Congress Prohibit Rulemaking to Clarify Clean Water Act Jurisdiction?
by Jeanne Christie, ASWM, November 2011

Restoring and Protecting Wetlands: State Policy Options
by Larry Morandi, National Conference of State Legislatures, August 2011

Restoring America's Wetlands: A Private Lands Conservation Success Story  (PDF)
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, August 2011

Lawyers, Swamps, and Money:  U.S. Wetland Law, Policy, and Politics
Royal C. Gardner, 2011, Island Press

Core Elements of an Effective State or Tribal Wetlands ProgramUSEPA, Office of Wetlands Oceans and Watersheds

[ComQ] A Guide For Legislators: Wetlands Protection and Restoration
by Jon Kusler, ASWM, June 2001. For PDF, click here.

Discovering the Unknown Landscape: A History of America’s Wetlands
Ann Vileisis, 1997, Island Press

Addressing Your Community's Flood Problems: Guide for Elected Officials by James Wright and Jacki Monday, ASFPM, Federal Interagency Floodplain Management Task Force – 1996. For PDF, click here.