Climate Change Adaptation - West Virginia

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Climate Change History

West Virginia has a greenhouse gas reporting law (45CSR42) but does not yet have a climate action plan.

Current & Future Action

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has established a work group to study and develop geologic carbon sequestration – a process where carbon dioxide is stored in the ground.

Pilot Programs/Current Studies

The state does not, as yet, have any specific pilots or case studies dealing with wetlands and climate change.

For More Information

West Virginia’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Standards can be found here:

The carbon sequestration work group homepage is:

For more information about climate change and wetlands in West Virginia contact:

Lyle Bennett (Wetlands) (304)926-0499x1613

Gene Coccarri (Air) (304)926-0499x1245

Or Terry Polen (304)926-0499x1381