Climate Change Adaptation - Hawai'i

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Climate Change History

Hawai’i finished its climate action plan in 1998.  The plan was focused on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation) but called for Hawai’i to “identify the future effects of climate change already occurring” and “then develop a long-range plan to adapt to such climate change.”

Current & Future Action

Hawai’i is host to the Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative. This organization is a partnership between Hawai’i, the Fish and Wildlife Service, and other organizations and brings individuals together with interests in the science as well as the outcomes of the sciences with a focus on habitats and ecosystems and how they are impacted by climate change.

Pilot Programs/Current Studies

The state does not, as yet, have any specific pilots or case studies dealing with wetlands and climate change.

For More Information

For more information on the Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative visit: