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Climate Change History

Since 2005, the state of Washington has been engaged in extensive policy work pertaining to climate change and greenhouse gasses in particular.  In 2009 these efforts expanded to include adaptation to the effects of climate change that have become unavoidable (Act SB 5560).

Current & Future Action

In 2010, the newly created Topic Advisory Group 3 (Ecosystems, Species, Habitat) was tasked with assessing impacts upon, and developing adaptation strategies for their eponymous sphere (Ecosystems, Species, and Habitats).  The mission statement (drafted in March of 2010) includes explicit reference to ecoservices provided by wetlands, but does not make mention of wetlands directly.

Pilot Programs/Current Studies

Washington is current engaged in an extensive planning process but has no specific pilot programs or studies to report.

Washington State Integrated Climate Change Response Strategy (2012)

Water Resources Section of Strategy (2012)

Sea Level Rise & Wetlands Research (2005-2013)

Developing a Washington State Climate Change Impacts Response Strategy (2011)

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April 2012 Report: Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in Washington -

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