Climate Change Adaptation - Vermont

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Climate Change History

In 2010, The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources created a climate change adaptation website.  The website features a series of white papers on the subject of adaptation and are organized by sector.  The white pages are in draft only and the Fish and Wildlife report has not been finished as of August 5th, 2011.

Current & Future Action

The draft white pages on the Vermont Climate Change Adaptation Page include the following items as 'current activities' though details are sparse:

  • Monitoring biological, chemical, and physical conditions of water resources (including wetlands). 
  • River corridor, floodplain, and shoreline protections.
  • Stormwater regulation.
  • Infrastructure improvements.
  • Quarantine of Invasives and noxious species.
  • Support for local food intiatives.
  • Farm bill initiatives to create buffers along waterways.
  • VT Emergency Management agency makes regular updates to the statewide risk assessment.

Pilot Programs/Current Studies

The state does not, as yet, have any specific pilots or case studies dealing with wetlands and climate change.

For More Information

Vermont Climate Change Adaptation Website:

Climate Change Adaptation and Vermont’s Waters (April 2011)