Climate Change Adaptation - New Hampshire

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        Threat from Sea Level Rise   Threat to Water Supply and Quality     Threat from Intensified Weather     Threat to Wildlife and Habitat    
        Action: Adaptation planning in progress                  

Climate Change History

In 2007 New Hampshire began developing a Climate Action Plan. That process was completed in early 2009. The plan is mostly focused on mitigation efforts but does include a chapter on adaptation as well. The adaptation chapter makes mention of natural resources which can be presumed to include wetlands, but does not provide specific adaptation recommendations.

Current & Future Action

Adaptation to climate change impacts is "Overarching Strategy 9" (OS9) in the 2009 Climate Action Plan. The top item recommended by the task force is "Develop a climate Change Adaptation Plan for the State of New Hampshire." Another item reads "Strengthen Protection of New Hampshire's Natural Systems." To date, no information about the implementation of OS9 is available.

Pilot Programs/Current Studies

The state does not, as yet, have any specific pilots or case studies dealing with wetlands and climate change.

For More Information

New Hampshire 2009 Climate Action Plan Website: