ASWM Hydric Soils Online Training Series

The Association of State Wetland Managers has developed an online training series focused on hydric soils for wetland professionals. This twelve module training series is for wetland field practitioners who need expertise in hydric soils and seek to understand how hydric soils are formed and how to recognize and interpret the information they provide when observed in the field.  This can also be used as refresher course for those practitioners who have not had soils training in recent years.

Target Audience:  

Wetland professionals, specifically state and tribal wetland field staff (plus state/tribal wetland managers, local municipal officials, conservation commissions, boards of health and others).  


This soils training webinar series is being developed as part of an EPA Wetland Program Development Grant-funded project to develop and deliver high quality wetland training to on-the-ground wetland professionals.  All materials (including presentations and quiz) necessary to complete the training are available free of charge.  There is a non-ASWM member processing fee for certificates (see below).

Optional Module Quiz

Each online module in this soils training series will be accompanied by a short quiz at the end to assess whether participants understand the key take-away points of the training.  While taking the quiz is voluntary, to receive a Certificate of Completion for this course, participants must complete the assessment quiz.  You must get three or more of the knowledge questions correct to receive your certificate.  You will be provided two additional opportunities to pass the quiz, if you get three or more wrong.

Certificates of Completion for Use in Applying for Continuing Education Credits

Certificates of completion are available through ClassMarker for each online module in the hydric soils training series.  Certificates of Completion are provided free of charge to all ASWM Members.  To learn more about ASWM membership, go here.  Non-ASWM members will be charged a $10 processing fee per certificate ($10 per module).  The Certificate of Completion must be submitted to any accrediting agency or organization by the participant (not ASWM) for them to determine number of CEUs awarded.  

Using the ClassMarker online system, ASWM will ask you to certify that you completed viewing the entire hydric soils training module video presentation.  You will need to develop a username and password in ClassMarker.  If you plan to take other module quizzes or would like to be able to download another copy of your certificate in the future, make sure to write down your log-in information and keep it for future use.

Once you click on the quiz link, you will be prompted again to provide your name and email address, which will be used to process your certificate.

To receive your certificate you must BOTH:

a)    Certify that you completed viewing of the video presentation.  Answering “no” will result in no certificate being issued.
b)    Complete all 5 quiz questions with a score of 50% of more correct.  You will be provided three attempts to take the quiz for the module.  If at the end of your third attempt you have not been able to achieve a score of 50% or higher, you will not be eligible to receive a certificate.

You will be prompted to download your Certificate of Participation from ClassMarker after you complete the quiz.  Once you download your certificate, you can then submit the certificate to the accrediting organization of your choice to potentially receive continuing education units/credits.  

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Burchill at or contact the ASWM office at (207) 892-3399.

List of Hydric Soils Training Modules (12 modules)

Topic 1: Basics of Hydric Soils (3 modules)
Module 01: The Five factors of Soil Formation and Horizonation vs. Simple Processes
Module 02: Soil Texture and Structure   
Module 03: Describing Soil Color for Hydric Soils Determination

Topic 2: Hydric Soil Processes (3 modules)
Module 04: Redox Reactions and Redoximorphic Features

Module 05: Hydric Soils Functions
Module 06: The Hydric Soil Technical Standard

Topic 3: Landforms and Landscapes (3 modules)
Module 07: Landscapes and Hydric Soils
Module 08: Problematic Landscapes and Parent Materials
Module 09: HGM and Hydric Soils

Topic 4: Using Field Observations of Soils Onsite in Decision Making (3 modules)
Module 10: Field Indicators of Hydric Soils in the United States
Module 11: Using Soils for Mitigation, Voluntary Restoration and Creation
Module 12: Using Field Indicators to Assess Long-term Hydrology

Guidance for Supplementary On-the-Ground Hydric Soils Training