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Wetland and Watershed Protection Toolkit for New York:
Guidance Materials for Local Governments

Americans consider water quality one of the greatest environmental health concerns they face, according to a 1999 study commissioned by Pew Charitable Trusts. “Wetland and Watershed Protection Toolkit for New York: Guidance Materials for Local Governments” [herein referred to as “the Toolkit”] is a collection of materials designed to encourage, aid and improve the incorporation of wetland and watershed management into local government comprehensive planning.  Use of the Toolkit should also facilitate increasing development of and use of wetland and watershed management plans, increased understanding of and compliance with wetland regulations, and reducing of point-and nonpoint-source pollution.

The Toolkit provides print and digital materials to help incorporate wetland resource management into municipal planning – the tools to do the job!  Informational narratives and new and pre-existing multi-media materials including publications, World Wide Web pages and links, a CD ROM and posters are provided.  For further study, bibliographies and other resources lists are included when appropriate.  Much of the Toolkit is easily reproducible and recipients are encouraged to share the information with constituents and others.

This Toolkit is meant to be a primer on multiple aspects of wetland or comprehensive planning.   However, the regulatory atmosphere is always changing, sometimes directed by judicial decisions and sometimes directed by the passage of new bills by state and federal legislatures. Please check with the appropriate regulatory agency to verify that the information contained herein is still accurate.

The intended audience of this Toolkit is local governments in need of information about various aspects of wetland management and ways to incorporate this information into the wetland, watershed, or comprehensive planning process.  Nonprofits and other state and federal agencies may find the toolkit useful to support local government efforts.   Local governments not involved with watershed or comprehensive planning may find the materials useful during day-to-day interactions with local landowners, regulatory agencies, and nonprofits.   Consulting professionals may also find the extensive resource list contained in the Toolkit useful.

Toolkit Resources

Each Section is comprised of several components.  A basic introductory narrative or overview is provided for each section and is followed by a listing of the resources included and recommended.


  • Publications Included - Print copies of materials that can be easily reproduced or ordered.
  • Posters – Artistic and informative pieces that can decorate an office or circulate among school groups. 
  • Web Pages Included – Sample, representative web pages to supplement printed materials.  On occasion, the websites may have more current information than what is in the printed materials.  
  • Relevant Web Sites - A list of other relevant websites not included. 
  • CD ROM List – Many different digital materials including PDF versions of documents included (when available); PDF files of documents when print version isn’t available; and PDF files of documents that provide more detail about a topic than the introductory and print materials enclosed.  The CD is intended to be a stand-alone resource, and includes the Adobe Acrobat Reader software required to view the PDF files.

Limited quantities of the Toolkit are available as three-ring binders and on CD. To request a copy, contact ASWM.