Webinars & Training

The Association of State Wetland Managers (ASWM) is passionate about knowledge sharing. For more than thirty years, the Association has made it a priority to provide training and education for our members and the public in order to build robust and effective state and tribal wetland programs and to protect wetlands resources throughout the Nation. Technological advances have changed how we deliver information, but our level of dedication has never wavered. In fact, ASWM has emerged as a leader in wetland webinars and has recently launched an initiative to provide online wetland science trainings.

Although the convenience and accessibility of online, anytime, anywhere learning has proven to be very effective, we also understand that for some topics, nothing can replace the experience of in-person learning in the field. For this reason, ASWM has also sponsored and facilitated the development of several field trainings and training exercises to complement our online learning opportunities.

Below we have provided links to pages on our website that provide more information on our various online and field training resources.

ASWM’s Webinars Main Page

ASWM’s Past Recorded Webinars

ASWM’s Online Training

Increasing Access to Wetland Training Project