Each of the threat and action categories is represented by an icon.  Each state profile has a summary of the activities related to climate change adaptation and the climate change-related threats identified by the state.  The icons described above feature prominently in the top-right of each profile, allowing visitors to focus on specific threats or actions that are of immediate interest.  With a click, visitors are directed to a category list with clickable names of each state associated with that category.  In addition, the main webpage features an interactive map of the United States as well as the lists of states by threats and actions. 

This series of webpages will allow a visitor to click to any state, issue, or activity of concern.  Once an user is on a state profile, comparisons may be readily drawn by viewing other states with similar activities or that are facing similar threats.  Additional links to relevant state websites and information is provided.

ASWM’s website provides information for those engaged in climate change adaptation or assessment.  ASWM will update the website when we receive new information.  State agencies or employees engaged in adaptation activities are encouraged to contact ASWM and provide information about those activities as well as pertinent URLs for any websites with more detailed information.

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