Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources  In Lieu Fee Program Instrument (August 9, 2012)

Coastal Mississippi In Lieu Fee Program Instrument (January 1, 2010)


Alaska In-Lieu Fee Compensatory Mitigation Program Instrument (May 2013)

Southeast Alaska In Lieu Fee Program Instrument (2011)

Southeast Alaska Compensation Planning Framework (2009)


Prescott Creeks Preservation Association In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program (Draft Prospectus, April 2012)

Arizona Game and Fish Department In-Lieu Fee Program Draft Prospectus (February 2012)


Calleguas Creek Watershed in-Lieu Fee Program (2014)

Mountains Restoration Trust In Lieu Fee Program (2013)

Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District In-Lieu Fee Program (California) (June 2012)

Final Riverside Corona RCD In-Lieu Fee Instrument Approval Letter


Final Instrument for the Audubon Connecticut In Lieu Fee Program (August 2013)


Keys Restoration Fund In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program Final Instrument (July 2013)


Northern Kentucky University (February  2012)

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (December 2011)


Louisiana Coastal In-Lieu Fee Instrument (January 2014)


Maine In Lieu Fee Program Instrument (August 17, 2011)


Mississippi Delta - In Lieu Fee Program Instrument


Montana Statewide In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program Instrument sponsored by Montana, Aquatic Resources Services, Inc. (2012)

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Aquatic Resource Mitigation fund Final  In Lieu Fee Program Instrument (May 2012) 

Annual Reports

New York

Susquehanna Basin Headwaters In-Lieu Fee Program (June 2013)

The Wetland Trust In-Lieu Fee Program

Ducks Unlimited - New York In-Lieu Fee Program Instrument (August 2012)

North Carolina

North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program In Lieu Fee Instrument

North Dakota

Ducks Unlimited, Inc. - North Dakota Aquatic Resource in-Lieu Fee Program (November 2013)


Ohio In-Lieu Fee Program Final Instrument (March 2014)


Oregon Department of State Lands Statewide Fee-in-Lieu Instrument


Tennessee Wildlife Federation In Lieu Fee Program (April 2012)


Vermont In-lieu Fee Program (December 7, 2010)


Virginia Aquatic Resources Trust Fund Program Instrument (July 15, 2011)

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Quil Ceda Village In Lieu Fee Program (November 2013)

Hood Canal In Lieu Fee Program Instrument Agreement (Washington) (June 2012)

Hood Canal In Lieu Fee Program Instrument Compensation Planning Framework (Washington) (June 2012)

King County, Washington Mitigation Reserves Program (March 2012) 

King County Mitigation Reserves Program In-Lieu Fee Instrument: Basic Agreement (March 2012)
King County Mitigation Reserves Program: In Lieu Fee Program Instrument (October 13, 2011)