ASWM Project Products and Findings:

Increasing Access to High Quality, Affordable Wetland Training for On-the-Ground Wetland Professionals in the United States

The Association of State Wetland Managers (ASWM) has completed a project designed to develop new products focused on improving access to high quality training resources for on-the-ground wetland professionals in the United States. This webpage has been developed to share the various products and findings of this multi-year, national workgroup-guided project.

Project Background:

On-the-ground wetland professionals, whether working for state and tribal wetland programs or in other capacities, are faced with a diverse and complicated set of tasks in their day-to-day work. Not only do they need to understand wetland science, monitoring and assessment, restoration, regulatory and legal information, and policy, they need to acquire leadership, management, research and evaluation skills. Whether or not they receive a rigorous training on these topics as part of their formal education, they all remain challenged to stay abreast of the latest science and technologies to allow them to do their jobs to the best of their ability. This reality means that ongoing training should be a cornerstone of wetland programs, providing staff with access to continuing education opportunities and qualified trainers. Additionally, with wetland professionals turning over in many states due to retirements, budget cuts and reorganization, the need for training is pressing.

ASWM’s National Project

To meet these needs, in 2015, ASWM embarked on a new project to improve access to high quality wetland training for states, tribes and other wetland professionals across the United States. This project was designed to explore and articulate training priorities that will increase the capacity of on-the-ground state and tribal wetland professionals to carry out their day-to-day work implementing wetland programs. The project was designed to identify tools and techniques to improve decision making and ultimately enhance the protection and management of wetlands. This project was completed in April 2017 and the project products are provided on this webpage either as online documents or links to resources created by ASWM.

The following links provide online access to the products and findings of this multi-year, national workgroup-guided project:

Assessment of Current Wetland Training Needs for State and Tribal Wetland Staff

Wetland Training Needs Assessment Findings – NEW!

Identification of the Characteristics of High Quality Wetland Training

Characteristics of High Quality Wetland Training Grid – NEW!

Compilation of Existing Training Opportunities

Online Matrix of Wetland Training Providers – NEW!

Academic White Paper

Preparing Students for Wetland Professions: A White Paper to Assist Planning by Institutions of Higher Education – NEW!

Development and Beta Testing of Online Wetland Training

Link to ASWM’s Hydric Soils Online Training Modules Landing Page (12 modules) – NEW!

Module 1: The Five Factors of formation and Horizonation vs. Simple Processes

Module 2: Soil Color and Texture

Module 3: Describing Soil Color for Hydric Soils Determination

Module 4: Hydric Soil Processes - Redox Reactions and Redoximorphic Features

Module 5: Hydric Soil Processes - Hydric Soils Functions

Module 6: Hydric Soil Processes - The Hydric Soil Technical Standard

Module 7: Landform and Landscapes – Landscapes and Hydric Soils

Module 8: Landform and Landscapes – Problematic Landscapes and Parent Materials

Module 9: Landform and Landscapes – HGM and Hydric Soils

Module 10: Onsite Decision Making Using the NTCHS Indicators of Hydric Soils (Version 7.0)

Module 11: Onsite Decision Making Using Soil Science Principles for Wetland Mitigation, Voluntary Restoration and Creation

Module 12: Onsite Decision Making – Using Field Indicators to Assess Long-term Hydrology

Guidance for Supplementary On-the-Ground Hydric Soils Training

Guidance for Supplementary On-the-Ground Hydric Soils Training (Draft)

Final Project Report – COMING SOON

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For More Information

For more information about any of the resources posted to this page or the project, please contact Brenda Zollitsch, ASWM Policy Analyst, at or call the ASWM Office at (207) 892-3399.