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Climate Change History

In 2007, the Iowa General Assembly created the Iowa Climate Change Advisory Council (ICCAC). The Council concluded its work in 2009, aided by the Center for Climate Strategies (CCS).  Iowa’s climate action plan is largely focused on greenhouse gas reductions (mitigation) and does not address building resiliency and preparing for climate change (adaptation) in detail.

In 2011, scientists from Iowa’s three state universities published Climate Change Impacts on Iowa, a report highlighting the latest literature available on the specific impacts of climate change to Iowa’s economy, health and natural and agricultural systems.

Current & Future Action

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is conducting a climate change vulnerability assessment of Iowa’s fish and wildlife, including the evaluation of suites of species from particular habitat types.  Both herbaceous and wet forest/shrub lands are part of that assessment, which will likely be available early in 2012.   A revision to the Wildlife Action Plan scheduled for 2015 will include more specific information about what steps could be taken to promote resilience of Iowa’s ecosystems to potential climate change impacts.

Pilot Programs/Current Studies

No pilot programs have been reported, although related actions such as wetland restoration are ongoing.

For More Information

For more information about the Iowa Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emisssions, Permitting, or Mitigation contact Marnie Stein at or (515)281-8468.


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