ASWM Publications & Resources

Government Liability and Climate Change: Selected Issues for Wetland and Floodplain Managers
By Jon Kusler, Esq., Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. (April 2016)

Legal Issues in Upgrading Flood Maps to Reflect Climate Change, Other Changed Conditions
By Jon Kusler, Esq., Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. (April 2016)

Wetlands and Climate Change: Considerations for Wetland Program Managers
Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. (July 2015)

Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Coastal & Inland Wetlands in the State of Michigan
By Jeanne Christie and Peg Bostwick, Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. (September 2012)

State Wetland Climate Change Adaptation Summaries (2010)

Wetlands and Natural Hazards
By Jon Kusler, Ph.D., Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. (January 2009)

Recommendations for a National Wetlands and Climate Change Initiative” (2009)

Wetlands & Climate Change Management Options
By Jon Kusler, Ph.D., Esq., Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. (PowerPoint, 2007)

Wetlands and Global Climate Change
By Leah Stetson, MPhil HE, Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. (February 2007)

Common Questions: Wetland, Climate Change, and Carbon Sequestering
By Jon Kusler, Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. (June 2006)


Other Useful Publications

Climate Change Indicators in the United States (2016)

Natural Hazard Disaster Risk Reduction as an Element of Resilience: Considerations about Insurance and Litigation (April 2016)

Moving beyond global warming potentials to quantify the climatic role of ecosystems (2015)

A Three-Legged Stool on Two Legs: Federal Law Related to Local Climate Resilience Planning and Zoning (2015)

Errors in greenhouse forcing and soil carbon sequestration estimates in freshwater wetlands: A comment on Mitsch et al. (2014)

On the challenges of modeling the net radiative forcing of wetlands: Reconsidering Mitsch and others (2014)

Hazard Mitigation in Disaster Recovery (2014)

Turning Koontz into an Opportunity for More Resilient Communities (2014)

Resource Guide to Federal Climate Adaptation Programs for State Fish & Wildlife Agencies (2014)

Climate Change in the American Mind: Americans' Global Warming Beliefs and Attitudes in November 2013

The President’s Climate Action Plan (June 2013)

Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) and Climate Change (April 2013)

Draft of the National Climate Assessment (January 2013)

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Water and Wetlands (2013)

Wildlife in a Warming World: Confronting the Climate Crisis (2013)

The State of the Birds 2013: Report on Private Lands, United States of America (2013)

Preparing Hydro-climate Inputs for Climate Change in Water Resource Planning (October 2012)

State of the Climate Hurricanes & Tropical Storms (August 2012)

Perception of climate change (March 2012)

Climate Change Adaptation: What Federal Agencies are Doing (February 2012)

Coastal Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerabilities: A Technical Input to the 2013 National Climate Assessment (2012)

BASINS and WEPP Climate Assessment Tools (CAT): Case Study Guide to Potential Applications (Final Report 2012) 

Strengthening the Scientific Understanding of Climate Change Impacts on Freshwater Resources on the United States (August 2011)

The State of Marine and Coastal Adaptation in North America: A Synthesis of Emerging Ideas (January 2011)

Climate Change 101: Understanding and Responding to Global Climate Change (January 2011)

Comprehensive Strategy for Reducing Maryland’s Vulnerability to Climate Change: Phase: II Building societal, economic, and ecological resilience (January 2011)

Climate Change Handbook for Regional Water Planning (2011)

Aquatic Ecosystems, Water Quality, and Global Change: Challenges of Conducting Multi-stressor Vulnerability Assessments (Final Report) (2011)

Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation (2011)

A National Strategic Narrative (2011)

Draft Report to Congress:  Strengthening the Scientific Understanding of Climate Change Impacts on Fresh Water Resources of the United States (2011)

Wisconsin's Changing Climate: Impacts and Adaptation (2011)

Climate Ready Estuaries 2010 Progress Report (December 2010)

Progress Report on the Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Task Force: Recommended Actions in Support of a National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (October 2010)

Building Strong for Tomorrow: NOAA Climate Service (September 2010)

Rising to the Urgent Challenge: Strategic Plan for Responding to Accelerating Climate Change (September 2010)

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments: A Review of Water Utility Practices (August 2010)

Climate Change Impacts: Gulf of the Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries (June 2010)

Water, Climate Change and Forests: Watershed Stewardship for a Changing Climate (June 2010)

National Climate Adaptation Summit (May 2010)

Prairie Wetland Complexes as Landscape Functional Units in a Changing Climate (February 2010)

National Assessment of Shoreline Change:  Historical Shoreline Change along the New England and Mid-Atlantic Coasts (2010) For an accompanying report that provides the GIS data used to conduct the coastal change analysis, click here.

Responding to Climate Change in Newfoundland and Labrador (2010)

Protecting the Lifeline of the West: How Climate and Energy Policies Can Safeguard Water (2010)

A Method to Assess Climate-Relevant Decisions: Application in the Chesapeake Bay (2010)

Water, Wetlands and Forests: A Review of Ecological, Economic and Policy Linkages (2010)

WWF Initiatives to Study the Impact of Climate Change on Himalayan High-altitude Wetlands (HAWs) (2010)

It’s Getting Hot Out There (2010)

A Recommended Approaches for State Agencies to Incorporate Climate Change Considerations in Fish and Wildlife Conservation (August 2008)

Comprehensive Strategy for Reducing Maryland’s Vulnerability to Climate Change: Phase I: Sea-level rise and coastal storms (August 2008)

Climate Change and Water (June 2008)

Implications of Climate Change for Urban Water Utilities (2007)

Coastal Wetlands and Global Climate Change (2007)

Climate Change and Alaskan Wetlands (2007)

The carbon balance of North American wetlands (2006)

Past and Future Changes in Climate and Hydrological Indicators in the US Northeast (February 2006)

The Impacts of Climate Change in Coastal Marine Systems (January 2006)