Wetlands One-Stop Mapping is designed mainly to provide easy online access to geospatial data on wetlands and soils produced by federal and state agencies. This should help the average citizen and GIS users locate and learn more about U.S. wetlands. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), through its National Wetland Inventory (NWI), has produced wetland geospatial data for most of the country. While different agencies post data on their own sites, there is not a single place to go for these data. Wetlands One-Stop Mapping attempts to accomplish this feat plus much more.

Wetlands One-Stop Mapping was developed jointly by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) Northeast Region and Virginia Tech’s Conservation Management Institute (CMI) mainly to provide online access to classification toolsNWI+ data and results (maps and reports) from various studies and possibly to compatible data produced by state agencies. Through the NWI+ Web Mapper, wetland geospatial data are linked to aerial imagery (and topographic maps) for easy viewing of wetlands, their characteristics, and functions for areas where NWI+ data are available. This has replaced the need to produce hardcopy maps and allows users to prepare custom maps for their areas of interest via the NWI+ mapper. Geospatial data from other special NWI projects may also be viewed on the mapper including 1) inventories of potential wetland restoration sites and 2) areas that may support wetlands based on soil survey mapping but were not recognizable as wetlands via remote sensing (“P-wet areas”).

To make the site even more useful for areas where special NWI projects have not been initiated, the site also links to national and state datasets. Several key national datasets are accessible via the website for viewing and may be linked to the NWI+ Web Mapper. Other valuable information that can be accessed via this website includes wetland plant community data (e.g., NWI’s state wetland reports and community profiles generated from NatureServe Explorer and the U.S. National Vegetation Classification Hierarchy Explorer), geospatial and other wetland data from state agencies, and other wetland information (reports, articles, and other websites of interest). In addition, a general introduction to wetlands can be viewed through the "Primer". The original “Wetlands One-Stop” site hosted by CMI has been integrated into the ASWM’s website to provide users with access to both geospatial data and a host of wetland data already posted on the ASWM website (e.g., wetland regulations, policies, and programs).  This move increases the amount of information ASWM serves the public and thereby further aids its mission to provide useful information for improving wetland management, conservation, and resource decision-making.


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