Estuaries are a happy land, rich in the continent itself, stirred by the forces of nature like the soup of a French chef; the home of myriad forms of life from bacteria and protozoans to grasses and mammals; the nursery, resting place, and refuge of countless things.
Stanley A. Cain, Former Secretary to the Department of the Interior


By Jeanne Christie – The Compleat Wetlander Blog

Recently it came to my attention that it is possible to get advice from a tree, a river, a lake and even a wetland.  There are websites where you can not only see the advice given by these entities, but you can purchase a t-shirt or some other type of memorabilia so that you will always have it handy for reference.

May 24, l977, 42 F.R. 26961



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December 1987

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The Lower Mississippi Alluvial Plain and the Prairie Pothole Region - A Report to Congress by the Secretary of the Interior

October 1988

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The Everglades, Coastal Louisiana, Galveston Bay, Puerto Rico, California’s Central Valley, Western Riparian areas, Southeastern and Western Alaska, The Delmarva Peninsula, North Carolina, Northeastern New Jersey, Michigan, and Nebraska - A Report to Congress by the Secretary of the Interior

March 1994