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Science Panel Staffed with Trump Appointees Says E.P.A. Rollbacks Lack Scientific Rigor (1/8/20)

Scientists struggle to save seagrass from coastal pollution (1/2/20)

Conserving Floodplains to Mitigate Future Flood Risk (12/18/19)

States slashed 4,400 environmental agency jobs in past decade: study (12/11/19)

The Clean Water Act Might Just Survive This Latest Attack (12/4/19)

Mitigation Matters: Policy Solutions to Reduce Local Flood Risk (11/27/19)

Bringing the world’s buried wetlands back from the dead (11/20/19)

Meet the feds who track changes in the nation’s wetlands (11/13/19)

Economic analysis could undermine Trump rule repeal (11/6/19)

WOTUS lawsuits start long, muddy legal battle (10/30/19)

New EPA regulations could allow for more polluted waters, and tribes and state officials are worried (10/23/19)

Get Outdoors and Celebrate National Wildlife Refuge Week October 13-19 (10/16/19)

Nearly 30% of birds in U.S., Canada have vanished since 1970 (10/9/19)

Microbe from New Jersey wetlands chomps PFAS (9/25/19)

What was once lush and thriving (9/18/19)

What Are the Hidden Co-Benefits of Green Infrastructure?  (9/11/19)

Connecticut’s largest saltmarsh to be restored using Superfund money (9/4/19)

In North Carolina, novel legal maneuver deployed against Atlantic Coast Pipeline  (8/28/19)

Hard-working termites crucial to forest, wetland ecosystems  (8/21/19)

EPA Proposes Rule to Narrow, Streamline CWA Section 401 Review  (8/14/19)

Indigenous Guardians get $6.4 million to monitor traditional territories  (8/7/19)

Why Biodiversity Matters: Mapping the Linkages between Biodiversity and the SDGs  (7/31/19)

‘The river disappears, but the pollution doesn’t’  (7/24/19)

Highlights from the Trump Administration’s Rulemaking Agenda  (7/17/19)

Ducks Unlimited Canada completes historic Rescue Our Wetlands campaign  (7/10/19)

Data Highlight State-by-State Benefits of Federal Natural Disaster Mitigation Grants  (7/3/19)

Mixed Reviews for EPA Move to Speed Energy Permits  (6/26/19)

EPA Issues Revised CWA Section 401 Guidance to States  (6/19/19)

A Cleveland River Once Oozed and Burned. It’s Now a Hot Spot.  (6/12/19)

The Wettest 12 Months: New Analysis Shows Spikes in Flood Alerts in the US   (6/5/19)

Green infrastructure nature’s best defense against disasters  (5/29/19)

Species facing climate change could find help in odd place: urban environments  (5/22/19)

Coastal Recovery: Bringing a Damaged Wetland Back to Life  (5/15/19)

‘Historic day for Scotland’ as beavers get protected status  (5/8/19)

3 Bills Would Ease Rules Around Wetland Development  (5/1/19)

Fifteen AGs slam Trump move to limit federal authority under Clean Water Act  (4/24/19)

Trump to issues executive orders seeking to speed up oil and gas projects  (4/17/19)

Convening a watershed to save a national treasure  (4/10/19)

New EPA Citizen Science Quality Assurance Handbook Provides Best Practices for Citizen Science Projects  (4/3/19)

Wounded Wilderness: The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 30 Years Later  (3/27/19)

What if we could use nature to prevent disasters?  (3/20/19)

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are Turning Up in Puget Sound Marine Life  (3/13/19)

Restoring streamside vegetation using grazing and beavers  (3/6/19)

Dam Removal in 2018 Another Successful Year of Freeing Rivers  (2/27/19)

The Rising Tide of Climate Injustice  (2/20/19)

For a Climate Reporter, a Dreaded Question: ‘Then Why Is It So Cold?’  (2/13/19)

Cleaner Power and Flowing Water: Finding Balance Between Smart Renewable Energy and River Protection  (2/6/19)

Waters of the US’ would alter environmental reg as we know it   (1/30/19)

Developers, not farmers, get biggest hit from wetlands rule  (1/23/19)

Bay Foundation grades health of the Chesapeake Bay a D+  (1/16/19)

Putting some mussel into river restoration  (1/9/19)

The Value of Snow  (1/2/19)

Cutting the Salt in Winter Road Maintenance  (12/19/18)

Looking to Nature: Mobilizing Constructed Wetlands for Resource Recovery  (12/12/18)

Plastic is Now Part of the Planet’s Fabric—a Scientist and Archaeologist Discuss What Happens Next  (12/5/18)

Impact of Blue-Green Infrastructure Investment Pathways on Dynamic Evolution of Natural Capital  (11/28/18)

How to Accelerate the Use of Natural Infrastructure to Aid Climate Change  (11/21/18)

IPCC Report and the Missing Dialogue in US Environmentalism  (11/14/18)

Stopping Superstorms—The World is Our Oyster  (11/7/18)

Recent Hurricanes Underscore Critical Need for Better Flood-Ready Infrastructure Standards   (10/31/18)

How Can We Reduce Losses from Coastal Storms? Monitor the Health of Our Coasts.  (10/24/18)

3 Actions the Government Can Take Today to Lessen the Damage of Future Floods  (10/17/18)

The Answer to Coastal Flooding is Not More Cement  (10/10/18)

Coal Ash Spill Highlights Key Role of Environmental Regulations in Disasters  (10/3/18)

How Do Wetlands Protect Land and Water?  (9/26/18)

What the World Needs Now to Fight Climate Change: More Swamps  (9/19/18)

Proposed Changes to the Endangered Species Act Threaten Wildlife  (9/12/18)

The Farm Bill Should Better Protect America’s Drinking Water  (9/5/18)

Here are 10 Topics Senators Could Ask Trump’s Science Advisor Nominee to Address  (8/29/18)

Environmental Impact Bonds Can Help Make Coastal Communities Safer, Sooner. Here’s How.  (8/22/18)

After Decades of Effort, the Chesapeake Bay is Turning Around  (8/15/18)

Climate Change: We’re Not Literally Doomed, but… There’s Space for Action Between “Everything is Fine,” and “The Apocalypse is Upon Us” (8/8/18)

The Poor Don’t Deserve Toxic-Waste Dumps in Their Backyards  (8/1/18)

Fish Subsidies are Speeding the Decline of Ocean Health  (7/25/18)

Wind and solar power are called clean for a reason  (7/18/18)

Is Seattle’s straw ban a green gateway drug or just peak slacktivism (7/11/18)

We’ve failed to secure our coasts — we must build resilience before it’s too late  (7/3/18)

Fostering scientific inquiry and environmental awareness  (6/27/18)

How Will People Move as Climate Changes (6/20/18)

Needed: A New Federal-State Partnership for Flood Mitigation (6/13/18)

Making the Most of the Watershed Approach (6/6/18)

The Importance of Wetlands: The 2018 National Wetlands Awards (5/30/18)

How the Blob Killed Thousands of Tiny Seabirds (5/23/18)

Wetland wonder: Crops, wildlife flourish on Delaware farm (5/16/18)

An endangered animal thrives in a novel ecosystem (5/9/18)

There’s no “Sweet Spot” – What the Colorado River Needs is “Real Balance” (5/9/18)

Bees aren’t the only pollinators with problems (4/25/18)

Māori Mussel Memory (4/18/18)

When Whales and Humans Talk (4/11/18)

Redefining Business with Environmental Restoration (4/4/18)

National Flood Insurance Is Underwater Because of Outdated Science (3/28/18)

Rebounding underwater grasses signal recovering Chesapeake Bay (3/21/18)

Senate must stop ignoring the National Flood Insurance Program (3/14/18)

Incredible images of Los Angeles when it was covered in wetlands (3/7/18)

Water is Connected to Every Major Global Risk We Face (2/28/18)

Outcome-based contracting is about to reach a whole new level. Here’s why. (2/21/18)

Slinging Sediment (2/14/18)

Poll Shows Nationwide Support for Feds to Boost Rebuilding Standards (2/7/18)

Blue Carbon: A Story from the Snohomish Estuary (1/31/18)

Hurricane Aid Package Includes Poison Pills (1/24/18)

Sea Level Rise Is Unlocking Decades-Old Pollution (1/17/18)

How to build a city that doesn’t flood? Turn it into a sponge (1/10/18)

A Response For People Using Record Cold U.S. Weather To Refute Climate Change (1/3/18)

Coastal Kids’ Books to Cozy Up with This Season (12/20/17)

Pay-for-Performance: Bringing the Best of the Private Sector to Realize Wetland (12/13/17)

Raising a hellbender is rough, but rewarding (12/6/17)

An ‘impossible’ stream to restore (11/29/17)

Taking Marsh Restoration to a New Level (11/22/17)

Celebrating Landowner-Led Restoration in the Mississippi River Bottomlands (11/15/17)

The Scientist Who Reads a Lost History in the Mud (11/8/17)

Key to stream restoration success: location, location, location (11/1/17)

Legislative Overreach Aims to Thwart Salmon Recovery (10/25/17)

These dogs are helping to solve environmental problems (10/18/17)

Tracking Little Turtles on the Prairie (10/11/17)

What would an entirely flood-proof city look like? (10/4/17)

Policy changes needed at every level to survive the next storm (9/27/17)

Opinion: The Flood Reduction Benefits of Wetlands (9/20/17)

Bloom and Bust (9/13/17)

Investing in Nature: The Economic Benefits of Protecting Our Lands and Waters (9/6/17)

Forget ‘the environment’: we need new words to convey life’s wonders (8/30/17)

Out of the Frying Pan, into the Wetlands (8/23/17)

A New Insurance Market to Protect People, Places, and Economies (8/19/17)

Nutrient pollution: Voluntary steps are failing to shrink algae blooms and dead zones (8/9/17)

Taking Children on Their First Fishing Trip (8/2/17)

Time Travel, with Trees (7/26/17)

Ghost nets: the remote town turning death-trap debris into world-class art (7/19/17)

Walking Trees Terrorize Marshes (7/12/17)

Restoration Spotlight: Monarchs and communities share common ground (7/5/17)

Auditing the Blue Blood Bank  (6/28/17)

Chesapeake Bay’s Misguided War on the Ray (6/22/17)

In the Land of Lost Gardens (6/14/17)

UPDATED: Trump Budget Would Still Increase Water Pollution (6/7/17)

The Unstable Landscape of US Conservation Funding (5/31/17)

Maryland Oysters – Past Wars & Present Challenges (5/24/17)

The Injustice of Atlantic City’s Floods (5/17/17)

happened when an industry-friendly EPA leader in the ’80s went too far (5/10/17)

As a non-political scientist I don’t march – until now (5/3/17)

Wetland Watchers Celebration’ introduces new crop of students to outdoors (4/26/17)

VIDEO: In Chesapeake Bay cleanup, a larger ecosystem at stake (4/19/17)

Where Levees Fail In California, Nature Can Step In To Nurture Rivers (4/12/17)

Circular Economy Could Annually Save 11% of Water (4/5/17)

Ships Struggle To Battle Invasive Species As Global Trade Surges (3/29/17)

Why the Headwaters Matter for Natural Infrastructure (3/22/17)

What Slashing the EPA’s Budget by One-Quarter Would Really Mean (3/15/17)

The Meaning of Water: Trump Orders a Review of Obama-Era WOTUS Rule (3/8/17)

Lessons from Oroville: Resilience for Scarcity and Abundance (3/1/17)

Restoring America’s Wetland Forest Legacy (2/22/17)

Restoration Spotlight: A forest’s hopes rest on golden wings (2/15/17)

Progress in Strengthening Our Government-to-Government Relationship with Tribal Nations (2/8/17)

How to Find Funding for Unpaid Internships (2/1/17)

wpp1207161Making Natural Infrastructure Solutions Happen (1/25/17)

Science-Based Conservation Under Attack in 2017 (1/18/17)

What on Earth is ‘conservation finance’? (1/11/17)

From Scientists to Policymakers: Communicating on Climate, Scientific Integrity, and More (1/4/17)

An Inside Look at How Ordinary Citizens Saved Public Land (12/21/16)

How engineers see the water glass in California (12/14/16)

Human Use of Restored and Naturalized Delta Landscapes (12/07/16)

Bringing the U.S. Government Together to Improve Human Rights & Protect the Environment (11/30/16)

Democracy and Water in a New Presidential Era (11/16/16)

Will families be protected from the next flood? (11/9/16)

How Imagery Can Enhance Visualization and Analysis (11/2/16)

Coastal crisis, conflicting ideas: How a complex restoration plan found success (10/26/16)

A Burning Problem For Mangroves (10/19/16)

The greatest river in North America begins in Minnesota. But our pristine stretch of the Mississippi faces mounting environmental threats. (10/12/16)

The Secret World of Bog (10/6/16)

Outdated FEMA Flood Maps Don’t Account For Climate Change (9/28/16)

Building equity, inclusiveness for low-income communities is key in climate resilience planning (9/21/16)

The Great Flood of 2016 (9/14/16)

Be Thankful for Floodplains (9/7/16)

Building equity, inclusiveness for low-income communities is key in climate resilience planning (8/31/16)

A Rural Alaskan Native Village’s Journey for Safe Drinking Water (8/24/16)

Boosting Mill Towns by Busting Dams (8/17/16)

Naturalists Grow Wildlife, Pollinator Habitat (8/11/16)

The Evolutionary Trick that Lets Bowhead Whales Grow So Big (8/3/16)

Our Dangerous Conservation Crisis (7/27/16)

The Time to Invest in America’s Water Infrastructure is Now (7/20/16)

Delmarva down to its last few nutria thanks to eradication project (7/13/16)

Non-Native, Invasive Species for Dinner? Bring Out the Melted Butter! (7/6/16)

wppmay120716Going Hog Wild in the Marsh (6/29/16)

The Rise of Ocean Optimism (6/22/16)

Wetland restoration was a family journey (6/15/16)

Hawai’i’s War on the Weeds (6/8/16)

Dogs as sentinels: Blue-green algae brings toxic mystery to Minn. Waters (6/1/16)

The Secret History of Bioluminescence (5/26/16)

7 Citizen Science Projects for Bird Lovers (5/18/16)

Teaching Science on TV: A Search for Salamanders (5/11/16)

How to Survive the Spring Rains! Find Your Closest Wetland (5/4/16)

Breivogel habitat restoration video (4/27/16)

Amid dramatic sea level rise, nature itself can provide a much-needed solution (4/20/16)

Cape students help create vernal pools in Falmouth and Chatham (4/13/16)

Turning Stormwater Runoff Into Everyone’s Business (4/6/16)

USDA Announces $260 Million Available for Regional Conservation Partnership Program (3/23/16)

We Can Save Individual Species – But Can We Save Entire Ecosystems? (3/16/16)

2015 National Environmental Scorecard Reveals Most Anti-Environmental Congress in History (3/9/16)

WTO swats down India’s massive solar initiative (3/2/16)

Algal Bloom May Be Linked To Alzheimer’s, Researchers Say (2/24/16)

wpplist1Research points to unprofitable land use (2/17/16)

Dogs May Be Our Best Conservation Aids (2/10/16)

German Forest Ranger Finds That Trees Have Social Networks, Too  (2/3/16)

Life blooming in Mill Creek again (1/27/16)

U.S. Governors Address Water (1/20/16)

Hot Research Topic (1/13/16)

We Won’t Back Down from our Mission (1/6/16)

Activist: Re-frog America, build a sanctuary (12/17/15)

Salmon RIP? (12/9/15)

Paddling the peninsula, a journey through time (12/2/15)

Science in Action – Restoring Fish Habitat in Urban Rivers (11/25/15)

Sustainable food management: a win for water (11/18/15)

Safety Necessitates a Retreat From the Waterfront (11/11/15)

Wetlands Protections on Hold, Chesapeake Cleanup Under Attack (11/4/15)

Collaboration can save the Mississippi River Watershed (10/28/15)

Incorporating Natural Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services in Federal Decision-Making (10/21/15)

How a Manmade Tidal Lagoon Could Change the Future of Clean Energy (10/14/15)

Mr. Clean Water Act’ faces his biggest challenge (10/7/15)

Pope’s climate push is ‘raving nonsense’ without population control, says top US scientist (09/30/15)

The Age of Loneliness (09/23/15)

Wichita Gets Wild With New City Park (09/16/15)

Learn how you can leave a legacy rooted in conservation (09/10/15)

wpp21163Ten Years After Katrina, Here’s What’s Happening to Louisiana’s Coastline (09/02/15)

The three wonders of the ancient world solving modern water problems (08/26/15)

Time for personal and agency action to save birds: Drought is hammering migratory species and wetlands (08/19/15)

Twelve lawsuits brought against EPA’s Clean Water Rule to be heard together (08/12/15)

Use It or Lose It: Across the west, exercising one’s right to waste water (08/05/15)

Turtle Hotspots Identified Around the World Contain Diverse Species and Richness (07/29/15)

Forecasting dead zones and toxic algae in US waterways: a bad year for Lake Erie (07/22/15)

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad EPA? (07/15/15)

What’s Really Warming the World? (07/08/15)

New study shows Arctic Ocean rapidly becoming more corrosive to marine species (07/01/15)

Expedition Launched to Save Africa’s Largest Wetland (06/24/15)

What’s driving rapid recovery of American waterways? (06/17/15)

Water quality is important as quantity (06/10/15)

Ten Tips to Give Frogs a Landing Pad (06/03/15)

Shot and gassed: Thousands of protected birds killed annually (05/29/15)

Meaningful steps toward clean water take decades (05/29/15)

Their View: Congress needs to uphold intent of clean water laws (05/13/15)

Beyond capitalism and socialism: could a new economic approach save the planet? (05/06/15)

Jobs per drop irrigating California crops (04/29/15)

Forest garden bearing fruit as both food producer, water filter (04/22/15)

Tell Us Why #CleanWaterRules (04/15/15)

The Significance othe Nexus for Wetlands Jurisdiction: Recent Fourth Circuit Decision Supports the Corps’ Determination of Jurisdiction (04/08/15)

Sweet Deal (04/01/15)

In California, Beavers are essential to recovering wild salmon (03/25/15)

wpp21162Women’s History Month: Contributions in Environmental and Conservation Fields (03/185/15)

Why Do We Measure Wetlands Loss In Football Fields? (03/11/15)

Smothering Snow, Spiking Sea Levels, and Other Climate Plot Twists: Expecting the Unexpected in the Northeast (03/5/15)

Ramsar Convention takes Mexico’s example to protect wetlands worldwide (02/25/15)

How protecting our coastlines could save taxpayers billions (02/18/15)

Can We Reverse Engineer the Environment? (02/11/15)

Opinion: Denial of Senate (02/04/15)

Despite Threats, Celebrating Restoration Successes for Seabirds in California (01/28/15)

Leading the Way for Carbon Finance
Investments in Coastal Wetlands

The Politics of Drinking Water (01/12/15)

The 7 psychological reasons that are stopping us from acting on climate change (12/17/14)

Update on Adaptation Design Work (12/11/14)

Local Initiatives May be the Key to Our Future (12/3/14)

Crooks and Dumbasses (11/25/14)

Animal Welfare: Seeing the Forest for the Denizens (11/19/14)

Beavers Help Out Young Frogs (11/12/14)

Green Infrastructure Helping to Transform Neighborhoods (11/05/14)

Strengthening and protecting the Clean Water Act (10/29/14)

Confirmed: California Aquifers Contaminated With Billions Of Gallons of Fracking Wastewater (10/22/14)

Out of Sandy, Lessons in Helping Coastal Marshes Recover from Storms (10/15/14)

Restoring the Black Swamp to Save Lake Erie (10/8/14)

Drought Journal: Hope springs eternal (10/1/14)

New framework for trading wetlands urged (9/24/14)

wpp0201016Playing Politics with Clean Water (9/17/14)

Restoring the Black Swamp to Save Lake Erie (9/12/14)

Watch how Louisiana’s coastline has vanished over the last 80 years (9/10/14)

Mapping the Truth (9/4/14)

California water rights: You can’t manage what you don’t measure? (8/27/14)

How Much do Coastal Ecosystems Protect People from Storms and What is It Worth? (8/20/14)

Thanking America’s Sustainable Farmers (8/13/14)

Why Restoring Wetlands Is More Critical Than Ever (8/06/14)

Debunking Myths and Soothing Fears: Clean Water Protection Rule (WOTUS) (7/30/14)

Editorial: Preserving health of Mississippi River should be national priority (7/23/14)

The River Geronimo Knew (7/16/14)

Worthwhile trade-off (7/9/14)

New Trout Unlimited report documents importance of small streams to clean water and fishing in America (7/2/14)

Can the Port Authority Save the Planet? (6/25/14)

Nature: the ultimate innovator in agricultural systems (6/18/14)

An offer they can’t refuse (6/11/14)

Can U.S. eliminate invasive species by eating them? (6/4/14)

Five maps of America’s massive drought (5/28/14)

Looks Like Rain Again. And Again. (5/21/14)

My View: Forest preserves committed to restoration, education (5/14/14)

One of the Smartest Investments We Can Make (5/7/14)

Is underground water storage the answer to water security? (4/30/14)

U.S. and Mexico Unleash a Flood to Restore Colorado River Delta (4/23/14)

Gulf oil spill: how wildlife is still challenged four years later (4/16/14)

Ted Turner: Time to finally protect wetlands, streams (4/9/14)

Protecting Streams and Wetlands Under the Clean Water Act (4/2/14)

Climate Change and Ecological Restoration (3/26/14)

Time to End the Quagmire Over Quagmires (3/19/14)

Frequency of Flooding Across Europe May Double by 2050 (3/12/14)

Ron Kroese: Mardi Gras Pass exposes challenges, benefits of river diversions in coastal restoration (3/5/14)

Changing Technology Changing Science Changing Us (2/26/14)

Addressing the wetland and agriculture conundrum (2/19/14)

Penguins, even in Argentina, at risk from climate change, study says (+video) (2/12/14)

As New Risks Emerge in Producing and Transporting Oil, University of Washington Helps NOAA Plan for Spills (2/5/14)

Press Release: USDA Offers Hurricane Sandy Victims a New Opportunity to Enroll Land into Easements (1/29/14)

How significant does a nexus have to be? (1/22/14)

Critics question desirability of relentless economic growth (1/15/14)

Pesticide ‘contaminating’ Prairie wetlands: scientist (1/8/14)

Rising sea threatens wetlands and seafood species, study says (1/1/14)

Increased Eelgrass in Long Island Sound is Good News for Fish and Wildlife (12/25/13)

Louisiana Wetlands Tattered by Industrial Canals, Not Just River Levee (12/18/13)

Study Details Loss of Ecologically-Sensitive Wetlands (12/11/13)

Study: Loss of wetland biodiversity increases disease risk in frogs (12/4/13)

New Coastal Wetlands Status Report Announced: The Status and Trends of Wetlands in the Coastal Watersheds of the Conterminous United States 2004 to 2009 (11/26/13)

Slovak Documentary: Climate Change Causes & Countermeasures (11/20/13)

Farm Bill explained, in 2 minutes (11/13/13)

Solution to Climate Change: Hack the Planet With Dangerous Geoengineering Experiments (11/6/13)

Restoring Riparian Buffers: A What Works (10/30/13)

Climate change: a survivors’ guide (10/23/13)

Great Lakes Compact Spurs Growing Number Of Rules (10/16/13)

Sustainability And Resiliency Planning For Water Utilities (10/9/13)

How to clean a lake with an unstoppable oil spill: Drain the lake (10/2/13)

United States: Ninth Circuit’s Fanciful Interpretation Of The Clean Water Act Ripe For Another Reversal? (9/25/13)

Politics of Conservation (9/18/13)

Scientists leave GOP due to attitudes toward science (9/11/13)

Natural resource use ‘in the red’ for 2013 (9/4/13)

After six budget showdowns, big government is mostly unchanged (8/28/13)

Scientists Discover That Plants Communicate via Symbiotic Root Fungi (8/21/13)

Exposed Soil = Pollution: Please Spread The Word (8/21/13)

“Canciones del Humedal” (or Wetland Songs) (8/14/13)

Farewell to Great Lakes United – what now for bi-national citizen leadership? (8/7/13)

Environmental eBooks for only $4.99 – offered by Island Press (7/31/13)

Climate change, fracking, water shortages in Northern Colorado top environmental concerns in coming decades (7/31/13)

Look Beneath the Surface: Address the Issues (Video)(7/24/13)

Are Wetlands Nature’s Best Defense Against Sea Level Rise? (7/17/13)

President’s Climate Change Plan Calls for Action to Adapt, Builds on Solid Progress (7/10/13)

OMB Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs needs a shake-up (7/3/13)

Surviving the Next Gulf Oil Spill (6/28/13)

ExxonMobil faces federal lawsuit over Arkansas oil spill (6/21/13)

Wetlander's Pick of the PostsSustainable solutions: How the Corps of Engineers used creativity to maximize flood risk reduction (6/12/13)

Forest Ethics group: ‘Green’ seal not worth paper it’s printed on (6/5/13)

Welcome to the Soil and Water Resources Conservation Act (RCA) Interactive Data Website (5/29/13)

When Valuing Wetlands Local Perspectives Matters Most (5/22/13)

Climate change expected to impact Maine’s forests (5/15/13)

Wetland Delineation Plant Name Look-up Tool (5/8/13)

Working with Nature to Manage Floods (5/1/13)

Editorial: Breaking rules, hurting environment (4/23/13)

New Jersey: State’s Top Court Curbs How Far DEP Can Go With Wetlands Inspections (4/17/13)

New Web Tool Helps Avoid Flooding by Finding Best Spots to Build Wetlands (4/9/13)

Hunters, Anglers, and Climate Change (4/1/13)

Why We Must Put Nature Back to Work (3/27/13)

Cloning Woolly Mammoths: It’s the Ecology, Stupid (3/20/13)

New seasons with new names (3/20/13)

A WARN-ing for Water Utilities (3/13/13)

2010 Okavango Wetland Bird Survey: Wilderness Worth Saving… (3/6/13)

Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Photo Album of Community Photos (2/26/13)

Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection & Restoration Act (CWPPRA) (Video) (2/20/13)

Searching for amphibians in local wetlands (2/14/13)

Wetlands: Freshwater “Species” of the Week (2/6/13)

Streamside Forest Buffers Preserving Water Quality (Video) (1/30/13)

Wetlander's Pick of the PostsNWF Urges Justices to Maintain Florida Wetlands Protections (1/17/13)

Turning Floodplains from Unproductive Farmland into Restored Wetlands (1/10/13)

Still Being Left Alone Along the Shoreline (12/18/12)

Supreme Court sends temporary taking case back to Fed. Circuit (12/5/12)

National Wetlands Inventory – Wetlands Mapper (11/27/12)

Mountain Meadows Dwindling in Pacific Northwest, U.S. Due to Climate Change, Study Suggests< (11/20/12)

Habitat Loss Obvious, New Farm Bill a Necessity (11/13/12)

U.S. Prepares for Hurricane Sandy, Largest Storm in Decades (10/29/12)

Flood Risk and the Critical Importance of Healthy Floodplains (10/24/12)

Clean Water Act 2.0: Rights of Waterways (10/17/12)

Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Recognized Coastal Blue Carbon as New Trading Category (10/09/12)

From Mess to Marsh: A Superfund Success for Restoration near Galveston Bay, Texas (10/03/12)

Statewide meetings planned on ‘No Net Loss of Wetlands’ goal (9/27/12)

Wetlands Institute: Public Terrapin Release (9/20/12)

The Clean Water Act turns 40 (9/12/12)

Chicks with Ticks Fix…..FLIX (9/5/12)

The ‘first lady of Irish bog snorkelling’ is queen of a weird sport (8/30/12)

Trumpeter swans released into restored Madison Valley wetlands (8/22/12)

American eel numbers rise after dam removal (8/15/12)

Path to the 2012 Farm Bill: Local Food Marker Bill: Where Are We Now? (8/1/12)

National Geographic: Mangroves (7/25/12)

Loaded Lovers: Virginia Department of Transportation overspends on wetland mitigation bank (Video) (7/18/12)

Drought Has Benefits for Wetlands (Video) (7/12/12)

See Louisiana’s Vanishing Wetlands in Beasts of the Southern Wild (Video) (7/12/12)

Wetlands: Going, Going, Gone? (7/03/12)

Impacts and Adaptation Options in the Gulf Coast Report (6/29/12)

2012 Farm Bill: Impacting Americans from all walks of life (6/21/12)

Reporting on last spring’s historic flood event (Video) (6/13/12)

Our Most Endangered River? In the Shadow of the Capital… (6/06/12)

Changes to Fernhill Wetlands will create better habitat for birds and visitors (5/30/12)

Tomgram: Ellen Cantarow, The New Eco-Devastation in Rural America A Wisconsin Fracking Story (5/23/12)

University of Florida Wetlands Club (5/16/12)

Celebrate American Wetlands Month and Wade into USGS Wetlands Research (5/09/12)

Stranded Dolphin Trapped in Bolsa Chica CA Wetlands (VIDEO) (4/30/12)

Wayward Dolphin Remains in Bolsa Chica Wetlands for a 4th Day (VIDEO) (4/30/12)

Floating wetlands to help clean up Inner Harbor (4/26/12)

Wetlands in Outdoor Classroom in Richmond (4/18/12)

IMAX Documentary: To the Arctic (4/11/12)

New Climate Change Rules (4/4/12)

How to Protect Wetlands and How Not to Do it: Lessons from Tax Policy (3/28/12)

Nestle Waters North America Marks World Water Day by Highlighting Its Commitment to Improving Watersheds Across the U.S. (3/21/12)

Next Nature: The Benefits of Artificial Wetlands (3/15/12)

Japan Tsunami Survivor Mori Heizabur: ‘We Survivors Are Lucky’ (3/9/12)

Salamanders Learn to Live With Pollution (2/28/12)

Wild, wild wetlands (2/22/12)

Methane in the Twilight Zone (2/15/12)

State Assumption of Clean Water Act Wetlands Permitting is Subject of Study Requested by HJR 243 in 2012 Va. General Assembly (2/8/12)

Temperate freshwater wetlands are ‘forgotten’ carbon sinks (2/1/12)

Study Shows How Restored Wetlands Rarely Equal Condition of Original Wetlands (1/25/12)

American Carbon Registry Initiates Approval of World’s First Carbon Offset Methodology for Deltaic Wetland Restoration (1/18/12)

Fight looms over SC Supreme Court wetlands ruling (1/11/12)

Sea Stories: Coastal & Marine Conservation Lit (1/4/12)

New Book of Poetry: Marginalia for a Natural History (12/19/11)

Milwaukee Riverkeeper Weighs in Against Mining Bill (12/14/11)

Winter Solstice in the Wetlands (12/7/11)

Lessons in the Wetlands (11/29/11)

HBO, Scott Rudin Adapting ‘Swamplandia’ (11/22/11)

National Research Council releases report on ecological impacts of Deepwater Horizon spill (11/15/11)

UN Agencies call for Blue Carbon Market (11/09/11)

From archives: Delta Wetlands (11/03/11)

Duck Creek – Missouri Dept. of Conservation Blog (10/26/11)

Wetlands Watch has a New Website (10/19/11)

Conservation Roundup: Funding for Gulf: Yes. For Wetlands: Unknown (10/12/11)

10 Misrepresentations about Climate Change (10/05/11)

Removing Dams in Maine (9/28/11)

Restoring Wetlands and Protecting History at the Same Time (9/21/11)

Giacomini Wetlands: An essay of photos and brief history (9/14/11)

Estimating Climate Change’s Effects On Gulf Wetlands (9/07/11)

How to Kill Off the Gulf’s Dead-Zone Zombie (8/31/11)

Upcoming Events at the Kansas Wetlands Education Center (8/31/11)

Wetland Institute: Run Steve Run (8/24/11)

What Is a Swimmable Anacostia River? (8/22/11)

Policy & Enforcement Briefing: Imperial Sugar, Wetlands Fill, Gas Storage (8/10/11)

Blue Waves of Cooperation (7/27/11)

House Votes to Limit EPA Power on Wetlands (7/20/11)

Real wealth is in natural world, study finds(7/13/11)

Saga of the Swamp Thing (Graphic Novel Series)(7/7/11)

Supreme Court Grants Review in Clean Water Act/Wetlands Case (6/22/11)

Colors of the Coast’ an eclectic mix of Gulf Coast artwork from Cathedral Square Gallery (6/22/11)

Swamplandia! Novel (6/15/11)

Swan on the River Avon (6/8/11)

What is a Wetland? (6/1/11)

How the Floods May Restore Louisiana Wetlands (5/25/11)

The Wetlands that Time Forgot: Sea Level Rise (5/18/11)

May is National Wetlands Month (5/11/11)

Wetland Poetry (5/3/11)

Gardening with Native Plants, Pacific Northwest Wetlands (4/28/11)

Baby Racoon in Tub (4/21/11)

Industrial Waste in the Frog Pond: Vernal Pools (3/31/11)

March 26: Vernal Pools in the Piedmont(3/23/11)

Salazar Announces Funding for Wetlands Acquisitions (3/10/11)

Grimmia ovalis (tentative) and Niphotrichum ericoides (tentative) (3/1/11)

Missouri Artist Wins State Wetlands Habitat Stamp Competition(2/23/11)

Virginia Wetlands Spared Legislative Mischief (2/16/11)

Lake Michiganders Don’t Want to See Water Levels Raised (2/9/11)

Remembering Naturalists – The Wall of the Dead(2/2/11)

Virginia Wetlands Again in Jeopardy (1/26/11)

World Wetlands Day is February 2, 2011(1/19/11)

Sri Lanka: Mitigating hazards to protect environment(1/12/11)

Wetlands can cope with sea rise(1/05/11)

British Animal Voiceoversa(12/22/10)

Coastal Wetlands Under Threat(12/15/10)

The 30 Best Water Conservation Blogs(12/08/10)

Women in Wetlands: My Pet Python Tried to Swallow Me! Not really…(12/01/10)

Obama Outlines Moral, Philosophical Justifications For Turkey Pardon (Video) (11/23/10)

US FWS YouTube(11/17/10)

Pot Plant Owl: a blog about a wetland in South Africa that’s home to a family of spotted owls (11/10/10)

The Everglades Rebound: Restoration Plan (11/03/10)

Jackson Bottom study incorporates science, art (10/27/10)

National Wetlands Awards 2011 Call for Nominations (10/20/10)

Theater review: ‘Back Bog Beast Bait’ intrigues but is troublingly enigmatic(10/13/10)

Department Of Interior To Clean Nation’s Filter(9/29/10)

A Fish-Eye’s View of the Chesapeake Bay(9/21/10)

A Career in Engineering (9/15/10)

National Wetlands Awards – Call for Nominations – Deadline: December 15, 2010 (9/15/10)

Spatial Planning & Governance for Climate Change (9/8/10)

Sewage As Hurricane Protection? New Orleans Could Use It To Regrow Wetlands (9/1/10)

A wetlands beauty (8/18/10)

Modeling Effects of Sea Level Rise in Northern Gulf of Mexico (8/11/10)

Wetlands and Water Allocation: U.S. Policy (7/21/10)

Rockton wetland preserve’s beauty inspires artists (7/14/10)

Rising Seas Endanger Wetland Wildlife (7/7/10)

Announcing International Wetland Globe Awards Program (6/23/10)

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