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For Peats Sake!For Peats Sake!

by Marla J. Stelk

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For Peat’s Sake: February 2nd is World Wetlands Day! (2/1/18)

Exploring Ways to Bring Sound Science into Wetland Management and Public Policy (6/15/17)

The Risk of Action vs Inaction for Mitigating Future Flood Losses (5/25/17)

April Showers Bring May Flowers… and American Wetlands Month! (5/4/16)7

How to Effectively Communicate Science (3/3/17)

The Slippery Slope of De-Regulation (2/10/17)

Square Peg, Round Hole: Rolling our Sleeves up to Facilitate the Implementation of Natural Infrastructure Solutions (1/12/17)

Managing a Moving Target – Invasive Species Management in a Changing Climate (12/22/16)

A Spooky Swampy Halloween (10/28/16)

Government Liability and Climate Change (9/30/16)

The Complexity of Restoring Urban Landscapes – A Book Review of Restoring Neighborhood Streams: Planning, Design, and Construction (Riley, 2016) (9/1/16)

The Amazing and Somewhat Disturbing World of Plants (8/4/16)

Innovation and Integration – the Key to Better Programs and More Resilient Communities (7/6/16)

A Comparative Analysis of Ecosystem Service Valuation Decision Support Tools for Wetland Restoration (6/16/16)

A Critical Update for the Corps of Engineers Nationwide General Permits (5/26/16)

A New Chapter for the National Wetlands Inventory (5/5/16)

Internationally, Corals are Wetlands Too (4/22/16)

Eye Opening Land Use Trends (3/24/16)

Working Wetland Dogs (3/4/16)

Reflections on Ch-ch-ch-changes (2/12/16)

The Benefits of Effective Stakeholder Engagement (1/22/16)

The Challenge of Nomenclature (12/7/15)

marlalist020116Turkeys in Wetlands (11/5/15)

New Federal Efforts Recognize our Interdependence with Nature (10/16/15)

For Peat’s Sake: Call Me Crazy (09/25/15)

The Truth is Out There (09/3/15)

Save the Seagrass!! (08/13/15)

Battling Bacteria (07/24/15)

The Rabbit Hole of Ecosystem Services (07/02/15)

Tidbits of Knowledge from the Society of Wetland Scientists Annual Conference (06/11/15)

Water, Water, Every Where, Nor Any Drop to Drink (05/28/15)

Mud & Wetlands: An Opportunity to Learn and Play (05/07/15)

Rebuild or Relocate – A “Wicked” Problem for Natural Disaster Risk Management (04/09/15)

A Communication Challenge: Information Overload (02/26/15)

Behind the Scenes of Wetland Restoration: Critical Roles for Landscape Architects (01/29/15)

Mistletoe Magic (12/23/14)

Science, Wetlands and Politics (11/13/14)

Holey Wetlands Batman! (10/16/14)

Lexicon Limbo! (9/16/14)

Invasive or Evolutionary Ecology?! (8/22/14)

The Benefits of “Show” vs “Tell”! (7/24/14)

Climate Changing Paradigms! (6/19/14)

The Merry Month of May: Celebrate Wetlands & Species! (5/15/14)

Earth Day and Wetlands (4/18/14)

Supporting Local Land Use Planners in Wetland Protection (3/20/14)

WETLANDS & AGRICULTURE: Beyond Restoration (2/20/14)

Communication Quandary (1/23/14)

Winter Wetlands (12/19/13)

Roadkill Ruminations (11/21/13)

Creative Placemaking & Urban Wetlands (10/24/13)

COMMON GROUND: Ecosystem Services Link People to Nature (9/25/13)

Snakes on a Boat (8/22/13)

Lessons Learned Mucking About (7/2513)

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