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Recent Blogs on Clean Water Restoration Act Energy/Enviro Experts – should Congress Wade in? By Margaret Kriz Hobson – National Journal Expert Blogs – July 27, 2009 Is legislation needed to protect wetlands and solidify the government’s authority under the … Continue reading

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Yet most agree that her tail is fish And if her body be fish too, Then I may say that a fish Will walk upon the land                        —The Compleat Angler The history of commerce in North America is also the … Continue reading

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Wetland Photo Essay by Erin Haney

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“I will tell you some of the wonders that you may now see, and not till then believe, unless you think fit.”                                      –The Compleat Angler Driving up the Interstate on a Friday evening I listened to Jeff Young interview Chris … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart on the Daily Show – Interview with Water Expert Robert Glennon “The National Water Crisis” – Tonight, Thursday, July 16, 2009. View the show and details at: Manmade Floating Islands Use Recycled Plastic Marine Buzz – July … Continue reading

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This weekend I traveled up the interstate to Maine International Film Festival  in Waterville to see the American Premiere of Ghost Bird, a documentary by filmmaker Scott Crocker about the events surrounding the extraordinary sightings of the ivory billed … Continue reading

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Ontario resort builds a wetlands eco-boardwalk to heighten public support for conservation TerraCurve – Responsible Travel – July 7, 2009 The four-season Pine Vista Resort on Stoney Lake, Ontario, has unveiled a new, natural boardwalk through the property’s extensive wetlands … Continue reading

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“Some waters being drank cause madness, some  drunkenness and some laughter to death.”                     –The Compleat Angler, 1653 Last year I attended a conference on the presence of pharmaceuticals and other drugs in the environment, particularly those in the water … Continue reading

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Uganda: Conserving Wetlands to Eradicate Poverty                                                            By Joseph Miti – The Monitor – 24 June 2009 For a long time, wetlands in Uganda were condemned and seen as dangerous habitat that provide breeding ground for deadly reptiles, animals and … Continue reading

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