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Monthly Archives: November 2009

This year the federal government will spend an estimated $103.7 million on beach nourishment  projects Beach nourishment is the practice of rebuilding sand beaches lost to erosion along the nation’s coastlines.  Many of the projects are in front … Continue reading

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Real World Restoration and the Wetland Policy Industry To identify, acquire, design, construct and manage for the long term actual aquatic ecosystems is a privilege and a challenge for our team at Restoration Systems.  “Stories from the Field” is in … Continue reading

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Students of history learn about documents that changed the course of history.  These include famous texts such as the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Harvard_Classics.  More than one list of the greatest films … Continue reading

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Purple Mango Tree written by Dr. Ranee Kaur Banerjee With several recent blog entries about wetlands, a focus on wetland education (for kids and adults) and a nice little poem about “Mysterious Marshes” Mangroves & Coastal Wetlands Store 50 … Continue reading

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Last spring I listened to the EPA Watershed Academy webcast about reconnecting kids with nature and learned about how children nowadays are separated from outdoor play.   At the same time I made the commitment to get the extra training required … Continue reading

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Marjorie Brown Pierson Unveils Innovative Wetlands Photography Exhibition 911040341/1024/LIFESTYLE/Marjorie-Brown-Pierson-Unveils-Innovative-Wetlands-Photography-Exhibition EPA Announces Winners of the 3rd Annual Rachel Carson Contest Votes from individuals across the country and the world cast their ballots for this year’s winners of the Rachel … Continue reading

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At best regulatory programs can only prevent or reduce the rate of loss of wetland functions and values nationally. Section 404 permits affect perhaps a few tens of thousands of acres of wetlands annually.  Any serious attempt to restore some portion … Continue reading

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Demonstrators hope to stop wetland road talks By Justin Leveritt – – November 2, 2009 Announcing 2010 Travel Grants for Students to Attend Wetland Science Conferences The Wetland Foundation is soliciting applications for 2010 travel grants. Applications will … Continue reading

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Over the years I’ve often reflected on the complexity of trying to establish consistent wetland policies nationally.  It seems like it shouldn’t be so difficult.  But it is and the reason is simple.  The United States is a land of … Continue reading

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