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Swamp People – History Channel – Starts tonight!

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Industrial Waste in the Frog Pond: Vernal Pools By Evelyn Saenz – March 2010

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The Association of State Wetland Managers’ website at is due for a makeover—long overdue in fact.  The website is like an old house with way too many additions and rooms piled high with stuff no one can find.   This weekend … Continue reading

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March 26: Vernal Pools in the Piedmont 1,266,3834,0,html/Mar-26-Vernal- Pools-in-the-Piedmont

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Ecobirder http://ecobirder.blogspot. com/2011/03/wetlands.html

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Streams are generally labeled perennial, intermittent or ephemeral.  The glossary of meteorology defines the terms this way: ephemeral stream—A stream channel that carries water only during and immediately after periods of rainfall or snowmelt. intermittent stream—A stream that carries water … Continue reading

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Lake Lights Up at Night By Claudine Zap – Upshot (a Yahoo News Blog) – March 8, 2011 What happens to lakes in an area hit by forest fires and floods? Some will glow in the dark.  For a cluster … Continue reading

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Salazar Announces Funding for Wetlands Acquisitions Outdoor News Daily – March 10, 2011 archives/17053

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Voice of the Wetlands: Great Music, Sobering Message voice-of-the-wetlands-delivers-great-music-and-a-sobering-message/

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Anyone who has raised a child is well aware that the message delivered is not always the message received.  Kids let you know pretty quickly when communication has somehow gone wrong.  Adults don’t. I remember a story I heard many … Continue reading

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