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Monthly Archives: December 2011

INFOGRAPHIC: World Wetlands Destruction by Madam Toussainton – So Fresh and So Green – December 16, 2011 I wrote about wetlands in Today Is World Wetlands Day 2011. In that post you can find out more about wetlands, why they’re important and what their role … Continue reading

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New Book of Poetry: Marginalia for a Natural History by Keith Taylor. Poems inspired by field biologists. Published by Black Lawrence Press.

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Ohio Must Keep Vigilant to Make Sure Destroyed Wetlands and Streams are Being Replaced By Trent A. Dougherty – Ohio Environmental Law Center Blog – December 13, 2011 The first three installments of the Ohio Environmental Law Center’s Series on the State … Continue reading

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Milwaukee Riverkeeper Weighs in Against Mining Bill By James Rowen – The Political Environment – December 13, 2011 Here’s a cogent explanation of the unprecedented problems embedded in the Assembly’s fast-tracked bill to fast-track mining and cause widespread degradation of … Continue reading

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It is a good news~bad news week for wetlands and climate change following the close of the Durban Climate Change Summit.  The good news is that for the first time there is an incentive for restoring and protecting peatlands included … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice in the Wetlands By Leah C. Stetson ‘Twas the night before Winter Solstice, when all through the wetlands All the creatures were stirring, black ducks and herons. Snowflakes hung over the marsh like sharp-tailed sparrows, In ropes of … Continue reading

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Rapanos, Guidelines and Deference: Wetlands Beware By Charles Becker – American College of Environmental Lawyers blog – December 6, 2011 The Supreme Court’s last determination of what wetlands are subject to the Clean Water Act and hence may not be … Continue reading

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