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Monthly Archives: November 2012

No one ever anticipated that the Mississippi River would run out of water.  It hasn’t, but water levels continue to drop.  While the eyes of the nation are focused on the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy, another crises— the drought … Continue reading

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National Wetlands Inventory – Wetlands Mapper By Mitch Bergeson – ArcGIS Resources – November 19, 2012 The Wetlands Mapper is an internet discovery mechanism designed to promote greater awareness of wetlands geospatial data applications and to deliver easy‐to‐use, map like … Continue reading

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Mangroves under threat from shrimp farms: U.N. The Map News – November 24, 2012 Valuable mangrove forests that protect coastlines, sustain sealife and help slow climate change are being wrecked by the spread of shrimp and fish farms, a U.N.-backed … Continue reading

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Mountain Meadows Dwindling in Pacific Northwest, U.S. Due to Climate Change, Study Suggests Science Daily – November 2, 2012 Some high mountain meadows in the Pacific Northwest are declining rapidly due to climate change, a study suggests, as reduced snowpacks, … Continue reading

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Superfund and climate change By Holly Doremus – Legal Planet – November 19, 2012 Over the last several years, it’s become fashionable in some circles to suggest that environmental law today reduces to climate change law. I’ve resisted that framing because … Continue reading

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In 1990 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reported on historic wetland losses in the United States.  It concluded that the lower 48 states had lost about 53% of its wetlands — over 100 million acres — that existed in … Continue reading

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Post Sandy, Wetlands Could Help Shore Up NYC’s Defense By Marit Larson – Climate Central – November 12, 2012In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the discussion of how New York City’s shoreline can be protected has taken on new urgency. … Continue reading

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Habitat Loss Obvious, New Farm Bill a Necessity By Bob St. Pierre – Pheasant Blog – November 7, 2012 Hunting five states in five days as part of the 2012 Rooster Road Trip is accompanied by a lot of windshield … Continue reading

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Walking Wetlands By Kelly Catlett – Defenders of Wildlife – October 24, 2012 For wildlife enthusiasts, visiting the six national wildlife refuges in the Klamath Basin is an amazing experience. Located on the Oregon-California border, the six refuges —Klamath Marsh, Upper … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy is front and center in the news this week and it should be.  The storm of legendary proportions has left a trail of destruction across more than a dozen states. The coastal communities of New Jersey and New … Continue reading

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