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Monthly Archives: June 2013

A bill passed by Michigan’s state legislature on June 13, 2013 – now awaiting signature by the Governor – would amend Michigan’s wetland protection law in a manner that may jeopardize the state’s continued administration of the federal §404 wetland … Continue reading

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Surviving the Next Gulf Oil Spill By Ben Raines – The New York Times – June 18, 2013 DOWN here on the Gulf of Mexico, the air is heavy with expectation as we await … where the next oil spill … Continue reading

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New FEMA Study: Climate Change Will Greatly Increase Flood Risk, Debt By Peter Lehner – Huffington Post Blog – June 19, 2013 The Federal Emergency Management Agency, in a study finally released last week after five years in the making, predicted … Continue reading

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The Final Compensatory Mitigation Regulations published in 2008  formalized requirements for avoiding, minimizing and mitigating alteration of streams.  Previously dredging and filling of streams was often mitigated with wetland restoration.  But while the rule required loss of stream functions to … Continue reading

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ExxonMobil faces federal lawsuit over Arkansas oil spill By Neela Banerjee – Los Angeles Times – June 13, 2013 The Justice Department and the state of Arkansas filed suit against the oil giant ExxonMobil over a March 29 pipeline rupture … Continue reading

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Why Bottled Water Is Insane By Michael Byrne – Motherboard – June 17, 2013 Here’s a weird thing. If you are over, say, 30 years old, you likely remember a time before bottled water. Bottled water as a concept has … Continue reading

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Sustainable solutions: How the Corps of Engineers used creativity to maximize flood risk reduction By Monique Farmer – DVIDS – February 8, 2013 A blend of public laws, government regulations and government processes doesn’t likely conjure images of engineers engaged … Continue reading

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Lack of Inspectors Leads to Stormwater System Failures Bay Daily – June 5, 2013 Why do Maryland counties need stormwater pollution control fees?  The new fees are required by a 2012 state law meant to protect the Chesapeake Bay from … Continue reading

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The topic of watershed management is as complex and diverse as our nation’s watersheds themselves.   EPA recently released A QUICK GUIDE to Developing Watershed Plans to Restore and Protect Our Waters to provide an overview and update of its extensive … Continue reading

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The biggest environmental decision facing Obama you’ve never heard of By Juliet Eilperin – The Washington Post Blog – May 31, 2013 If you want to get a sense of how contentious the decision is over whether the  Obama administration is … Continue reading

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