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By Terri L Turner, AICP, CFM This is an abridged version of an article published in the August edition of Wetland News, the Association of State Wetland Managers membership newsletter. One of the last relatively unspoiled areas along the eastern … Continue reading

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Wetlands determine the health of a body of water By Art Klein – The Buffalo News – August 26, 2013 Wetlands determine the health of any body of water. The current lake levels actually threaten near-shore diversity. In Braddock Bay near … Continue reading

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After six budget showdowns, big government is mostly unchanged By Davis A. Fahrenthold – The Washington Post – August 23, 2013 After 21/2 years of budget battles, this is what the federal government looks like now: It is on pace, this year, … Continue reading

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By Marla J. Stelk, Policy Analyst, ASWM I am immensely phobic of snakes. There – I said it. According to Wikipedia, the word for that is “ophiophobia.” Whatever it’s called, it is a condition which has haunted me my entire … Continue reading

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Scientists Discover That Plants Communicate via Symbiotic Root Fungi By Dr. Mercola – Mercola – August 10, 2013 Human arrogance has always assumed we are evolutionarily superior to plants, but it appears that modern science may be the antidote to … Continue reading

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Exposed Soil = Pollution: Please Spread The Word Community & Environmental Defense Services – August 11, 2013 Exposed soil on a construction site usually means two things.  First, a nearby waterway will be polluted come the next big storm.  Second, you’re … Continue reading

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Methane and Mosquitoes – Blogging Bogs By Michelle Cain – Scientific American Blog – August 14, 2013 While most of the MAMM team toil in the heavens above, fighting wayward coffee mugs as the pilots roll and pitch, some of … Continue reading

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Over the summer one of the main activities at the Association of State Wetland Manager’s offices has been writing a handbook on developing Wetland Program Plans.  I’ve concluded that a successful program planning effort needs to include three elements: long … Continue reading

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Can Nature Save us From Climate Change? By Louis Blumberg – Huffington Post Blog – August 9, 2013 Yes! It may seem counterintuitive that our best defense against rising sea levels, blazing hot temperatures and wildfires, and big winter storms … Continue reading

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Climate Change Will Force Extensive Changes to US Power Grid By Christine Hertzog – The Energy Collective – August 6, 2013 A recently released report from the US Department of Energy (DOE) details the impacts of climate change on our … Continue reading

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