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Monthly Archives: August 2014

by Brenda Zollitsch Well it’s that time of year again – good old “back to school” time. With that fleeting “new lunchbox” smell and spiral notebooks still unbent, the coming school year represents a new beginning, brimming with promise. My … Continue reading

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California water rights: You can’t manage what you don’t measure By Ted Grantham and Joshua Viers – UC David Center for Watershed Sciences – California Water Blog – August 20, 2014 California water experts have long known the amount of surface water granted … Continue reading

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Tropical testate amoebae as hydrological indicators? International Society for Testate Amoeba Research – July 30, 2014 Testate amoebae have been successfully used as indicators of past changes in peatland hydrology, particularly ombrotrophic (i.e., nutrients derived exclusively from precipitation) peatlands of north-temperate … Continue reading

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By Marla J. Stelk, Policy Analyst, ASWM I have experienced first-hand the losing battle with invasive species. It’s a battle I fight every year just trying to stop the advancement of Asiatic Bittersweet which is killing almost every tree in … Continue reading

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How Much do Coastal Ecosystems Protect People from Storms and What is It Worth? By Meg Imholt – NOAA’s Office of Response & Restoration Blog – August 11, 2014 Nearly a year ago, one lawsuit spurred the question–how much do coastal … Continue reading

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The Gowanus Canal: Ecology & Design Meet in Brooklyn’s Rust Belt By Colleen Tuite – Great Ecology – July 25, 2014 Late one June afternoon, a motley crew of ecologists, molecular biologists, landscape architects, and a camera crew gathered in a … Continue reading

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This past week millions of people experienced heavy rains that flooded downtown areas from Detroit to DC to Portland, Maine.  The record was set on Long Island, NY where a whopping 13 inches fell, resulting in the declaration of a … Continue reading

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Thanking America’s Sustainable Farmers By Christina Badaracco – EPA Blog – It All Starts with Science – July 30, 2014 While working on education and outreach in EPA’s Office of Wetlands, Ocean, and Watersheds, I have been particularly inspired by our work with … Continue reading

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Changing Times: EPA’s Report on National Trends By Gaelle Gourmelon – EPA Blog – It All Starts with Science – July 24, 2014 Some things in my childhood memories look different when I revisit them as an adult. That tall slide in … Continue reading

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by Peg Bostwick, ASWM The drinking water crisis in Toledo, Ohio – resulting from toxins in the water supply produced by blue green algae in Lake Erie – has received a lot of attention in the national news.  Although these … Continue reading

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